World Cinema : Urban Stories – Power, Poverty & Conflict

Section A of the Exam is on World Cinema.

We are looking at the specific area ‘Urban Stories – Power, Poverty & Conflict’.

As with the Spectatorship unit this question is worth 35 marks in the final exam and we will be studying two films to use in your answers.

Film 1 – The Bicycle Thieves (1948) De Sica

Film 2 – City of God (2002) Mereilles & Lund

We may not get to watch all of these in class so you MUST ensure you have watched them prior to class screenings.

For this unit we will be considering some of the following ideas (this is not a definitive list):

  • Filmic Style – Italian Neo-realism / Cinema Novo
  • Narrative – narrative arc / character function / themes (power, poverty & conflict)
  • Context – post world war 2 Italy / Favelas, drugs & crime in Brazil /
  • Critical Reception – audience / critic response & style over substance
  • Characters – representation/ relationships / function
  • and of course micro!
  • Distinct cinematic technique which is distinct from British and American film.

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