City of God – Contexts & Resources

As with Bicycle Thieves it is essential that we have an overview of the context of the film before doing our scene by scene analysis.

Again we will be considering those macro ideas but particularly focusing on context / representation of the city & film movements – which in this case is Cinema Novo.

Please research the following contexts surrounding City of God:

  1. The Favelas
  2. Drug wars in the Favelas
  3. The well known / glamourousĀ representation of Rio de Janiero
  4. Cinema Novo
  5. Mirelles, Lund & Bazilian cinema
  6. The institutional / production context of City of God
  7. City of God critical reception (reviews & controversies)

Complete your notes as bullet points in the appropriate shared document

Mr GregsonĀ 

Miss Hales

Resources for The City of God:

The department notes booklet

Cinema Novo – The Aesthetics of Hunger. Here is a key article on The City of God & Cinema Novo and to what degree the film follows the traditions of Cinema Novo, a movement which grew out of Italian Neo Realism.

Here is a review on The City of God, which explores the visual style, narrative structure, character journey, socio-economic and political contexts. It also explores one of the significant debates, which I hope we can have, which is whether City of God glamorizes and glorifies violence.

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