Vertigo Thematic Essays

Here are the slide shows for the thematic essays on Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

‘Vertigo is a challenging exploration of the male fantasy.’ How far do you agree with this view?

 How far do you agree that Vertigo is, to a significant extent, a film about control?

Identify and discuss three elements of Vertigo which, in your view, contribute to the sense of strangeness the film conveys.

Explore the importance of narrative structure in the development of key themes and ideas in Vertigo

In Vertigo death is represented as being simultaneously attractive and frightening. How is this evident in the cinematic style of Vertigo?

‘The representation of women in Vertigo demonstrates how far this is a film by a man for men.’ How far do you agree?

Explore some of the ways in which Hitchcock attempts to manage the audience response to Scottie as the narrative of Vertigo unfolds.

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