Critical Reception

Here is the final essay on Vertigo (1958) Hitchcock.

‘With reference to critical writing and reviews you have considered as part of your study, discuss how your ideas on your chosen film have developed.’

We know that something very similar to this is going to crop up in the exam and it’s a really good bet to go for rather than the film specific essay. However you do need to reference critical writing and reviews, so it is essential you have quotes and are able to credit the author. You should certainly use the Robin Woods from Hitchcock Film Revisited (1965) and quote or paraphrase some of his ideas about the film, which are below. You should also use some of the quotes / ideas from the range of reviews we read in class.


Read one review / essay in this folder and complete a slide of notes on what you have read in the slideshow below.

Hitchcock’s Film revisited by Robin Wood

These quotes from his essay on Vertigo would be useful in addition to the reviews you have looked at.

Reflect on these quotes and choose some which you think resonate most closely with your reading of the film.


Create your own slide show of quotes (5-8), to use in an essay on critical approaches or indeed any essay on Vertigo. You should include what arguments you are going to make and the examples you would use to explain the quote and your other ideas that spring from it.

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