Task 1: Why are documentaries made?

  • Why do audiences watch films?
  • Why do they watch documentary films?
  • What does an audience seek from a documentary film?

Task 2: What are the key issues we are faced with when watching documentaries? 

Discuss the key issues as a class and consider how you could debate these in an exam essay. Put your ideas on a post it note & stick to the board.

In small groups develop a hand made poster to consider how the following macro ideas create issues for the spectator in a documentary film. Particularly reflect on ideas of truth & persuasion or the trust in the documentary film maker. Remember to add any macro terms you use to your glossary.

Try to think of those ‘so what’s’ those ‘points’ those elements of ‘significance’ rather than considering the specific examples at this stage. What questions would you ask about these macro elements? What challenges do they present for an audience?

The pre reading post of helpful articles & videos may help you with some of the overarching ideas.

Task 3: What are the different ways in which the audience might be positioned with a documentary film? 

Consider the idea of the ‘present’/ ‘distant’ positioning and how Imposter / Grizzly Man fit into these. Add these terms to your glossary

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