SPECTATORSHIP REVISION 3 – Grizzly Man Micro Analysis

When studying Grizzly Man we did some textual analysis in small groups. Which can be found below. But, for your exam it is important that you can talk about multiple scenes and not just be an expert on one.

You should select 3 scenes that you will re-watch and read over the analysis that has been completed so far by both classes.

You should then create your own document and for each of your 3 selected scenes try to include one micro example from each micro feature as well as evidence of at least one documentary convention.

Everyone revises in different ways – so you pick what is going to be best for your notes & best to help you learn the information.

Remember the examples are absolutely key to evidencing your ideas/ points & getting in that film specific language. The important thing is that you have a range of specific examples at your finger tips that you can apply to whatever question arises.

  • Herzog’s Agenda: (00.00 – 05.46) (Miss Hales) (Mr Gregson)
  • Herzog defends Treadwell as a film maker (22.37 – 26.06) (H) (G)
  • The camera as confessional (39.54 – 46.17) (H) (G)
  • Herzog’s verdict – farewell to Treadwell (1.36.45 – 1.44.05) (H) (G)

Here is a link to the film.

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