What might I be asked in the exam?

Here is a list of all the questions that have ever cropped up for Spectatorship & Documentary.

What are these questions about?

In pairs you should go through and see if you can spot any repetition / trends in questions that have arisen in previous years.

Alongside each question try to summarise what it is asking you about.

OK – where do I start?

You should then pick 4 different questions and complete 5 minutes plans for each.

You could do this as a mind map for example.

When planning –

  • start with your significance – what are the points that you want to make (aim for 4 different ideas). (S)
  • then think What examples would be great to back that idea up? 2 per point would be great (E)
  • then – what terms can I use in this example and what meaning is being communicated to the audience. (T/A)
  • and finally – how can I link this idea and analysis back to my initial point in the paragraph & the question as a whole. (Q)

You should then pick one of these to plan more thoroughly for a timed essay on Thursday 10th May. Which you will complete without notes!

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