World Cinema Revision 1 – CONTEXT


One type of question that may arise is about the context of how the films were made based on the times they were made – in other words – CONTEXT.

Here are a couple of examples of context type questions.

How far have your contextual studies been important in understanding the specific urban locations and life experiences represented in the films you have studied for this topic?

How far should the films you have studied for this topic be seen in relation to their particular time and place?

What are the relevant contextual elements that you need to be aware of? 

In pairs / 3s decide on 5 key areas of contextual significance for the Bicycle Thieves. We will then discuss these and decide on the most important ones as a class.

Now do the same for City of God – this always seems a bit harder because it’s more contemporary – but there are still loads of contextual choices in the film.

How can I evidence these? 

Make a copy of this template and put in the class agreed contexts for TBT & COG. Now consider specific examples from the films that you would use to evidence these. Remember your examples must come from a key moment in the film and should include a term – so add those in now.

So now you have formed the basics of a context essay – the key context will form your point (your significance – that so what – the reason you’re writing that paragraph) and then you have your micro example and term…

Now all you need is to analyse the meaning that example communicates / implies / connotes for the audience and link it back to the question… simples.

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