World Cinema Revision 5 – Narrative & Setting


Another question, which crops up regularly is something like this:

Explore how stylistic choices contribute to the representation of the urban experience in the films you have studied for this topic.

What is the importance of cinematography and/or editing in communicating issues of power, poverty and conflict in the films you have studied for this topic?

These essays require you to have a really good knowledge of the specific micro techniques that the directors use to communicate their themes (messages and values) about the nature of the city.

Postcard from… 

You are going to send a postcard home from the films version of the city we are in.

This should of course include multiple images from the films:

  • iconic images
  • locations & settings
  • The atmosphere
  • characters you have met
  • The events you witnessed (from the film)



Here is a worksheet on narrative which explains it more precisely.

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