World Cinema Essay Planning

What might I be asked in the exam?

Here is a list of all the World Cinema Questions  that have ever cropped up.

What are these questions about?

In pairs you should go through and see if you can spot any repetition / trends in questions that have arisen in previous years.

Alongside each question try to summarise what it is asking you about.

OK – where do I start?

You should then pick 4 different questions and complete 5 minutes plans for each.

You could do this as a mind map for example.

When planning –

  • start with your significance – what are the points that you want to make (aim for 4 different ideas). (S)
  • then think What examples would be great to back that idea up? 2 per point would be great (E)
  • then – what terms can I use in this example and what meaning is being communicated to the audience. (T/A)
  • and finally – how can I link this idea and analysis back to my initial point in the paragraph & the question as a whole. (Q)

You should then pick one of these to plan more thoroughly for a timed essay. Which you will complete without notes!

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