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Sep 07

After we had finished the photo shoot we then were asked to get some of our favorite photos we took and say a connotation, denotation and the camera technical term.



The connotation is what you can suggest from the image. for example, if it’s a dark image you can imply it suggests sadness. .The technical term is how the camera is used. For example, if a photo has a good distance then the hashtag may imply that. The denotation is what is actually happening in the photo.

My favourite photo we took was the one of my hand on the cage as it can represent many different things, for example the image suggests trapped, this could mean they’re trapped in their own mind. You can imply many different things from our photos.

I also think the different types of shots were amazing also as they also tell a story. My favourite techniques we used was the use of  blur and the extreme close ups.

When I make my music magazine ill be sure to try many different of the camera techniques and use the appropriate ones in which fit with my genre.

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