So… I’m Ready To Make Some Media!

There are many different components, in which we’ve learnt in many lessons, that I have to take into consideration when making my music magazine. I will be sure to think about these things when making my magazine:

  • Mise-en-scene
  • Blumler and Katz
  • different camera techniques
  • Psychographics & Demographics
  • AIDA
  • Layout

Each of these different components is vital when I’m making my magazine, they will help me reach my target audience (the fans of my genre) but also make my magazine cover look professional. They will also symbolize many different things to give a further impression of the magazine, for example, if the camera angle is low then it’s making my model look professional and strong therefore giving a better understanding In the character of the musician and also giving an insight on the genre.

Mise en Scene

When I’m making my music magazine I’ll be sure to use mise-en-scene to the best of my ability. Mise-en-scene is vital as all the different components give more information without the audience having to read the text. For example, the costume of the actor may be bright and colourful which implies it’s a pop magazine.

Blumler and Katz

Blumler and Katz are important for my music magazine as I would need to know what category my music magazine falls into.

Different Camera Techniques

Camera techniques tell you information without having to read texts, this is why they’re a vital component I need to take into consideration when I’m making my music magazine. For example, if you have a long shot of loads of people it symbolizes happiness and also the connection between one and other. However, if you have a long shot of someone on their own it could symbolize loneliness. Therefore I’ll be sure to take into consideration the different camera techniques when taking my photos for my magazine.

Psychographics & Demographics

These are going to help me to find my target audience and make sure I’m putting relevant stuff on my magazine to my genre.


Aida stands for Attention, interest, desire and action. Aida is vital as it makes me think what the audience wants to see and what’s going to stand out, I’ll be sure to use Aida in my magazine to reach my target audience a lot easier. All four of the components allow us to reach our target audience.


The layout of my music magazine is very important, this can help me reach my audience also and will make me think about what is appealing to my target audience. The layout is also important as I’d want my magazine looking professional.

All of these components will be taken into consideration in order to reach my target audience and to also makes it look as professional and appealing as possible.


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