Design Skills 1

Whilst making my front page I have learnt many new things which I didn’t know before. All these techniques helped to make a professional looking magazine.

Firstly I learnt how to use gradients. I learnt how to do gradients on my background but also on text. I did this with the feather gradient tool and the gradient swatch tool. I learnt that you could either use gradient in a background of a photo or even the whole page. This is good as you can rearrange everything to the back and therefore everything sits on top of it leaving just the background.

Image result for gradient swatch tool indesign






Another tool I used was on photoshop. I used the spot healing brush. This was significant as it meant that I could make my model look more proffesional as stereotypically most models photos are edited. Also it gives my magazine a more professional look. Here is a before and after…


















As you can see this made a significant difference making his skin look a lot smother than before. This tool was very easy to use and I think I will definitely need to use it in the future.

This is the rectangle tool. Although this doesn’t sound like that useful of a tool this came in handy many times. You can do many different things with the rectangle such as making colored in text boxes in which you can then add effects etc. This is useful if you’re trying to put some text with a colored box behind it. I really like this tool and have used it many times.

One thing in which I used and found very handy (even though what i created wasn’t really used in the end) was how I created a heart rate. What I did was on Photoshop I had layer one as a already made heart rate. I then went on layer 2 and selected the pen tool and made it red. I also made sure I had 100% smoothing on so that It wasn’t exactly free hand. I then drew over the whole heart rate and I kept hiding the layer one to see my progress. I then ended up with my own drawn heart rate in which I then added some effects of my own.

Here is how it came out:

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