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Oct 09

In class, we watched a clip from the movie chicken run and then were asked to analyse it. We also watched a clip from Downton abbey. Both these clips used framing, angles and many more different camera angles to communicate meaning.

Chicken run

After watching the clip of chicken run and taking notes we were told to say how we think the camera angles and different camera techniques used were appropriate and what affects they had. The clip was where all the chickens line up and the chicken who had played the least eggs got killed.  I believe they used camera angles amazingly in this clip. For example, the camera would do a long shot showing the chickens and the man in charge and the man in charge was a lot bigger than the chickens giving a sense of superiority. Often the camera would be from the chicken POV this is to create a sense of anxiety and also shows how inferior the chickens are. We also see another pov towards the end, when the chicken is sat on her own and she looks into the sky. This is where the technique ’tilt’ is used.

Downtown abbey

We were also set to the task to analyse this scene also. In the scene, a very wealthy man receives the news of the titanic sinking. Mise-en-scene helped us understand this. We were then told to make an essay on how mise en scene is used in the scene. We were in groups of 3’s so, therefore, we all had to do 2 different components of ‘clamps’ each. Here is mine:


There are props such as the bells in which are ringing, shortly after this a servant appears this emphasizes how demanding the servant’s role is, this also signifies their status and class which shows they’re subservient. Also, there are newspapers throughout the whole scene these could show a sign of intelligence, also this could imply their class this is significant as the butler bring the newspaper to his table.

Makeup and hair

All actors have very well looked after hair, its all slick and not messy at all, this implies they’re of a higher status and that they’re wealthy. Even the servants have slicked-back hair. All the women have very nicely designed hair in which doesn’t move this could highlight that they’re serious.

I can use these different techniques when creating my own music magazine. For example, the costumes much connote something.

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