So how is it going?

When I first came to media all the software’s used were new to me and I had never used them before. We have used quite a few of different software’s in order to help us. I have really enjoyed using these software and I believe they’re going to help me greatly in the near future with my other subjects but also at home/in the future.

The software’s we use are adobe.

We first starting looking at Photoshop early on in the year. I already knew a little bit of Photoshop from ICT in year 9 however using this refreshed my memory and since then i have learnt many many different techniques. My favorite tool is the spot healing brush tool. This is significant as you can use this on anything not just spots. What it does is color in the area you’re cloicking on with the same color around it. This results in skin for example looking very smooth. We also use in design lots. I really like in design and think its an amazing software. I have learnt so many different techniques in which you can only do on in design. With in design I made my front cover, double page spread and contents page.

Here are some of the transferable skills in which I have learnt:

  • cutting out images – so they have a transparent background, on Photoshop
  • Filling text box’s – either filling the text box in a color/a gradient or just outlining the sides of the text box in a different color.
  • Affects- I learnt how to apply effects to e.g adding an inner/outer glow
  • Editing images- using spot tool, brightening them, changing background etc.
  • Inserting things such as a drop capital or inserting place holding text whilst making a draft.
  • Using the gradient tool- to make one color fade into another.
  • Fonts- changing fonts and editing the text with all the different things at the top of in design. Also the changing of colors.

Not only have I learnt these software which will help me in the future I have also learnt many transferable skills. These transferable skills include communication, teamwork and confidence.

  • Communication – media has taught me communication very well. We have had to communicate very much in media such as when we were organizing our photo shoots. We had to communication it our models to tell them what we need them to bring for out shoot etc. Communication has also been very important when making this magazine as we need feedback. Our peers and teachers can give feedback which can help greatly. It is very important we learn about communication as in future life I will need to be able to communicate well whether It’s in a job interview or I’m directing someone to do something. Communication is a very useful skill to have and I believe media has helped me to get better with my communication.
  • Confidence- Media has given me confidence. Although I didn’t want to go out of my comfort zone to model for someone we had to. I think this gave me lots of confidence. Next time I would have to do a model shoot for someone I will not be afraid and will not mind doing it. Confidence is such a vital skill to have. You need confidence in life greatly. If you’re at a job interview and you’re not giving off confident vibes likely hood is you will not get the job.
  • Teamwork – media has helped me to work as a team. Especially when we were modelling for other people. This meant we had to work as a team in order to get the best possible photos we can get. I believe teamwork is also a very important skill to have because if you’re in a job and you’re set to do a job with a team and you do not have good teamwork skills then the job may not go to plan.


I think using these software have been very helpful however If I went back to do them again I would ensure I was more time efficient. Usually I’d be trying to find out how to do a simple task for too long, instead maybe I could’ve widened my knowledge by watching YouTube tutorials etc.


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