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Mar 20

Before going out and filming there is many things you need to learn in order to be able to lip sync well.. Here is how to film lip syncing;

  • Firstly your model has to learn the lyrics this is important as it would not be very accurate. This is an important step otherwise your model would not be able to over pronounce words as he/she doesn’t know them.
  • Secondly you must over pronounce words, over pronouncing has a large impact of a music video – over pronouncing makes the artist look more outgoing and confident therefore making the model look more professional. This will also make it easier to lip sync when you come to editing it as you know exactly what words your model is mouthing.
  • You would then start recording. I personally would play the song in the background whilst you’re filming so you know the exact pace. You can edit the sound out afterwards.
  • Once you’ve done this move onto a different location and start filming a different part of the song doing the same steps.

When filming you must also take into consideration the setting. We had many different settings in our music video of all around the school. Here are some screen shots of some of the locations we used:

In the production of the actual music video we will use each location and film the whole song in one go, and repeat this process but in ours we filmed random parts of the song as it was just to get used to the editing of lip syncing.

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