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Mar 23
  • Why is ‘skilled’ lip syncing important to the star image?

This represent the artist as bold, outgoing and confident therefore may attract more fans – typically artist are confident and outgoing also and therefore makes the artist look more professional.

  • What tips could you give to your performer in advance of recording?

Before recording I would ensure you learn all the lyrics you’re about to lip sync as you will need to over pronounce then and in order to do this you may need to learn them, this, will make it a lot easier when you’re editing and trying to get it in sync.

  • Why is it important to get an actor who ‘looks like the voice’ i.e. pay attention to the grain of voice?

I think this important as it plays a large role in the narrative. This may look odd if the voice of the artist doesn’t sound like the model would – people may notice and may not like the music video. However I think this is a really unique way of doing a music video, I think if you have obviously not made your artist sound like the model it may be interesting and funny.

  • What technical tips have you gained from Premier pro/we-video to help edit a lip synced section? Markers?

I ave gained many technical tips such as cutting clips, removing audio, audio, adding transitions and adding filters.

  • What would you do differently to improve the final edit (transitions, green screen, filter

if I were to go back and do this again I would ensure my partner films his clips in landscape as they come out as black boarders when put into premier pro. I would also maybe use a green-screen and use an appropriate background, I could also have added in more transitions but we ran out of time.

I think editing this video has taught me the basics around premiere pro I think this is going to help me greatly when I come to editing my actually music video as I now know the basics around editing meaning I can focus more on detailed edits etc.

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