Music Video Draft 2

This is our draft 2 for our music video. Because this is only a draft 2 there was lots of things that we needed to improve on.

Things that needed improvement and what we need to do for our next draft:

  • some of the shots one of us looked into the camera so we may need to either cut them out or redo them.
  • ¬†We need to work on the p[ace on our editing so ensure at the faster bits of the song we have faster clips etc or if the beat changes there’s a transition showing that.
  • make Sam falling off the edge more obvious.
  • get the rest of the footage.

What I think went well:

  • We had a good variety of shots including close-up, extreme long shots and mid shots. However I would also like to get a couple extreme close ups maybe of my eye with a tear in it to show my emotions that my friend has just died.
  • I think we also showed our friendship well in the video.
  • We kept cutting to the danger cliff sign which is good foreshadowing for what happens later on in the music video.

After making this draft i have gotten significantly better at editing then I was and therefore would like to show off our editing skills more in the next draft.

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