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Digipak Draft 1

This is our digipak draft number one. This definitely needs a lot of improvement however I like our creativity. Almost as if I’m trying to escape out of the digipak giving us a sense of being trapped.

What we need to improve Front cover:

  • make the font stand out more – maybe make it bold and/or more opake.
  • Slightly too plain maybe could do with some more on it.

What we did well on the front cover:

  • I think we were significantly creative using the gap with myself peaking through
  • I enjoy the lines almost giving it a trippy feel.

What we need to improve on back cover:

  • we need to add more to it as at the moment its very plain I think we need something on the right.
  • Make the font slightly bigger
  • add more song names

What we did well on back cover:

  • Good use of the graphical area – cool design giving it a cool effect.
  • I also like how we have morphed the black and white lines the make them look even cooler.
  • We have got most of the conventions e.g barcode, copyright info.

Overall I am fairly pleased with our first draft. It needs a lot of work however It’s definitely possible, me and Sam also had an idea to maybe make it all graphical. I am looking forward to seeing our second draft.

Branding Moodboard

Made with Padlet


In class today we made this mood board. This is basically just other artists similar to our genres front covers of their digipaks. This gives us a clear understanding of the general theme in which we may choose to either use or twist from the conventions to show a high levels of uniqueness. We analysed most of these to give us a clearer understanding of the general theme.

What is the overall theme?

From making the mood board we can see that most of the front covers are very colourful. This brings a good energy and therefore can give the artist a good reputation.  This would be helpful in ours due to having a positive mission statement.

Another thing in which we noticed was that most of the digipaks are very graphics based, they are not real images they are images edited in photo shop giving them quite an abstract feel.

Another thing we noticed was how they all break the general conventions. This is to show that people should stand out from the crowd and gives us a sense of uniqueness.

Doing this analysis has helped me significantly in understand how we should go about making our digipak. I personally thing we should try to break many of the conventions to show signs of rebelliousness but also that we should make it colourful and graphical. Me and Sam decided we wanted to go for quite a ‘trippy’ front cover.

Digipak Conventions Analysis

In order to start creating our own digipak we needed to analyse some professional ones from some of our competitors. Therefore we decided to analyse Caravan Palaces front and back cover of their digipak.

Artwork and creativity

We have noticed that most indie rock digipaks are heavily art based and are very creative. This gives us a good idea o that we would like to make ours the same. They are all heavily colour based and a lot of them are edited really well. I believe this gives the reader the impression that they shouldn’t take us too seriously but also if done well shows a sense of professionalism.

Breaking of Conventions

Most of the digipaks we looked at didn’t have the general conventions a digipak may have. This gives off the impression that the band is careless and maybe slightly rebellious. This links in perfectly with the theme of our  band. Therefore when making our digipak we should try think of unique ideas of how  to break/twist the general convention s in order to stand out.

Researching other artists’ digipaks will help us significantly for when we make outs as we can see what we think went really well in there’s but also see what we may be able to do differently.


Music Video Draft 4

Here is our Draft 4 for our music video:
I am really happy with how this has turned out. We have just gone over some of the editing and added some more beneficial editing techniques. We mainly were making our older edits look better including our transitions, filters, pace of editing and our cuts. We also included some clips which we originally weren’t going to use.

One thing I think went specifically went compared to draft 3 was our pace of editing. For example when the singer says ‘home, home, home’ we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to switch between 3 clips in time with each word. I personally think this has really helped in making our music video look a lot better.

What I still  think could be improved on:

There is one clips in which I look at the camera, this shows a lack of professionalism and therefore I think we should try and cut that out.

Maybe we could’ve included more movement shots, this was hard due to their only being two of us so we were mainly just using a tripod however when the main characters friend had died we could’ve used Sam to do some movement shots such as more zooms, another pan, tilts and dolly’s.

Overall I think this draft 4 of our video went really well and I’m looking forward to see what more improvements can be made. Me and Sam are going to look into getting some teachers/students to try and be really picky with our video allowing us to see what can be improved.

Music Video Draft 3

After working on the feedback we gave ourselves and Specsavers gave us this we made our draft 3. We are not done yet but we are happy with the improvement from the last draft.

Feedback from fellow students:


  • clear narrative
  • clear shots with good framing
  • editing effects specifically the actor disappearing
  • effective pace of edit


  • More edit to beat cuts specifically in the more upbeat sections in the songs.
  • Improve the colour correction due to it being bad weather (increase saturation on some of the clips)
  • Actor looks at the camera in a couple of shots
  • Have a stronger Mise-en-scene

I am very appreciative that we got such good feedback , this will be very helpful as seeing our work from someone else’s eye means they can see mistakes that we may not be able to see. Therefore this will benefit us as we were able to make some improvements to our video.

What we changed:

Filtering – we made sure our filters matched in with the video. We did this because of Specsavers feedback they said our filters sometimes were not matching and some were more tinted then others.

More footage – We went out and got more footage in order to be able to fill the music video more but also so that the narrative made more sense.

more editing techniques – We learnt how to fade Sam our of a shot by using masking  I think this techniques works really well

more of a variety of shots – we added a lot more close ups which fitted in really well.

What could we improve for our next draft:

We could continue working on our pace of edit

delete some of the worse footage and replace it with  higher quality footage that would make more sense.

Overall I am pleased with our draft 3 I think it went significantly well and am looking forward to starting our draft 4.


Specsavers Feedback

Me and Sam showed our music video to some people from Specsavers who are very experience in this field. We also showed our video to some people from digital greenhouse.

Feedback from Specsavers

The  main things Specsavers commented on were some editing things. They helped us with masking as before we were doing it a lot of a slower way therefore they showed us much more efficient way of masking.  However they also commented on our mise-en-scene. They said maybe make it more developed. This is in  order to give more of a meaning to our characters so that our audience gets more of a understanding of the narrative.

feedback from digital greenhouse

After watching our video through one of the first things they commented on was the colour correction. They said the lighting of the shots is good and therefore we just needed to sort out the colour correction. In some  off the shots there are filters and some of them there aren’t and therefore they said we should have a look at making this match more. They also said that maybe when the friend dies the colours could be darker to symbolize it.

We used this video to help[ us with developing the filters:

These two companies gave us some great feedback which allowed us to be able to make our videos significantly better. it is always great to get a second opinion especially from proffesionals!

Music Video Draft 2

This is our draft 2 for our music video. Because this is only a draft 2 there was lots of things that we needed to improve on.

Things that needed improvement and what we need to do for our next draft:

  • some of the shots one of us looked into the camera so we may need to either cut them out or redo them.
  •  We need to work on the p[ace on our editing so ensure at the faster bits of the song we have faster clips etc or if the beat changes there’s a transition showing that.
  • make Sam falling off the edge more obvious.
  • get the rest of the footage.

What I think went well:

  • We had a good variety of shots including close-up, extreme long shots and mid shots. However I would also like to get a couple extreme close ups maybe of my eye with a tear in it to show my emotions that my friend has just died.
  • I think we also showed our friendship well in the video.
  • We kept cutting to the danger cliff sign which is good foreshadowing for what happens later on in the music video.

After making this draft i have gotten significantly better at editing then I was and therefore would like to show off our editing skills more in the next draft.

Shoot 2 Reflection

Our second shoot we decided to film at la Guet. La guet is a well known Guernsey forest it also has a large bunker in the middle of the forest. We thought this would be a great place to film as it can symbolise loneliness and also sadness.

I feel as though this shoot went very well. We managed to get a lot of shots to ensure our music video made more sense in the narrative. We managed to get a variety of different angled shots and ranged shots. One of the things Mr Gregson said is that we needed more close-ups therefore we made sure to get quite a few but we also got some extreme close up and some extreme long shots. We didn’t have much time to film as the camera ran out very quickly and it started to rain but we did get enough footage luckily. It would’ve been better if we got some more shots to use as backup footage as we didn’t exactly know if we had enough for the whole video.

Example shots