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Shoot 2 Reflection

Our second shoot we decided to film at la Guet. La guet is a well known Guernsey forest it also has a large bunker in the middle of the forest. We thought this would be a great place to film as it can symbolise loneliness and also sadness.

I feel as though this shoot went very well. We managed to get a lot of shots to ensure our music video made more sense in the narrative. We managed to get a variety of different angled shots and ranged shots. One of the things Mr Gregson said is that we needed more close-ups therefore we made sure to get quite a few but we also got some extreme close up and some extreme long shots. We didn’t have much time to film as the camera ran out very quickly and it started to rain but we did get enough footage luckily. It would’ve been better if we got some more shots to use as backup footage as we didn’t exactly know if we had enough for the whole video.

Example shots

Teacher Feedback – Screencastify

After making our first draft Mr Gregson gave us some feedback in order to help develop our video for our next draft. This feedback has been really helpful and allowed us to develop our video further. I decided from getting this feedback I wanted to write down what he said we can improve.

What I have to improve:

-more clear and better narrative

-more of a significance

-more of a variety of angles

-shots of both of us more

After receiving this feedback Sam and I will ensure to work on these improvements when we film again. I am very happy that Mr Gregson gave us feedback as it means we are able to see our work through someone else’s eyes. This was very helpful.


Video Narrative/Story

For our Music video we are doing all narrative and we are having no performance. We think this will suit the song better and personally we believe the music video will be a lot better without performance. Therefore we had to make sure the narrative makes sense so we decided to make a storyboard. This now means we can make sure to look at this board when we are filming to simplify things.

Making this slide show has been beneficial as we have a clearer picture of our story. This makes filming so much easier for us and we can try get it in order and then therefore will also make editing easier as we can put all the footage in in order.

Production Meeting For Shoot 2

Before we start filming we needed to make a production meeting shoot. Therefore we made a document and filled it in like so:

This will be beneficial to us when we are filming on Tuesday because we now know exactly what we need to bring and therefore we will ensure to check this before we start filming ensuring we have everything. We also now know what we need to make sure to avoid when we are filming such as lighting and the general background.

Narrative Development

After our group member left sixth form me and Sam have decided to change things with our original narrative plan. Therefore we made a google slides with a clear plan of each scene with all the angles etc. This means that when we go to shoo we will know exactly where to film, how to film it and who we are filming.

We also made another plan on a google docs:

Making this story board  and this document is going to help significantly as when we go to shoot we will be looking at this slide the whole time ensuring we are filming everything in order to make life easier when it comes to editing.

Design Skills 2

After editing our draft one on premiere pro we learn lots of new techniques which we applied to our video. e.g:

Speed – a lot of our shots we slowed down which helped give the camera a smoother feeling we usually slowed most clips down to around 80%. To slow a clip down you would select speed/duration then lowed it down from 100% down to 80%



Filters – we added filters such as tinting to make our shots look a lot cleaner and so they stand out more. On some of the clips we used an orange tint by changed the saturation. This was helpful if the lighting in the clip wasn’t that good but also just to make the clip look nicer. To change the saturation you go to colour –>  creative —> then selected the ‘SL orange’ filter.


Masking – One of our clips we made it so the danger sign fades in as I’m swinging on the rope swing this worked well as its pointing out the obvious that we are clearly doing something dangerous. In order to do this we went into effect settings and added a mask to the clip of the rope swing and then edited the size and the position of the mask. Then we added a key frame with the mask off screen then a key frame moments later covering the whole screen therefore looking like the sign wipes across the screen giving it a cool effect.


After editing this music video I have developed a greater understanding in In design, this will help significantly when next editing using the soft but also using other software as I have learnt to find my way around the software by myself.



Music Video Draft 1- Rough Cut


From filming this music video we have learnt a lot. Some of our footage was very good however some of our footage could’ve been much better therefore we would need to make sure to learn from our mistakes on our next shoot.

What went well:

  • We got lots of long shots
  • lots of footage – almost enough for the whole video
  • mise-en-scene – we were wearing scruffy and dirty clothing, which I  think worked well.

What could’ve been much better:

  • Narrative not being clear enough – we need more shots that make more sense since we aren’t doing any performance we need to make sure the narrative makes a lot of sense that is why after filming this we have changed our narrative.
  • We didn’t film the beginning and end of our video due to having to film that at my house therefore we should’ve gone out to mine sooner to film it.
  • We needed more angles e.g close ups and extreme close ups.
  • maybe have more significance on the danger sign – flicker onto to in throughout the video.
  • have better quality tracking shots – these shots didn’t come out how we wanted them to and therefore we should either scrap them or redo them trying to get the best quality we can.

Overall this first shoot wasn’t as good as we planned it to be I think we mainly need to sort our our narrative to ensure the video makes more sense and also ensure to have learnt from our mistakes.

Shoot 1 Reflection

Shoot number One did not go well at all for us. However we did do somethings well. I think this shoot going bad has helped us as we now know what make sure to do correctly for next time.

What could’ve been improved:

  • We needed to be more organised – we went into the shoot without enough of an idea of exactly what we needed to film. I think we thought we didn’t need to plan as thorough as you need to. Next time we will be more specific with out planning ensuring we have clear shots of what we are going to get.
  • Alot of the shots were hard to film as there was only 2 of us and and we were both the actors therefore next time we should get someone else with us to help us film. This will mean we can do things such as tracking shots etc.
  • Time consummation – when filming we were usually filming us lip syncing the whole song so that we could cut in shots whenever we wanted however we learnt that took up too much time and we should just do specific parts in the song at a time.
  • Lighting – due to filming at le guet the lighting wasn’t the best due to the shadowing in the trees so next time we must make sure we are more cautious of where to film.

What we did well:

  • we got a variety of shots
  • We used the camera techniques to our advantage.
  • I think the location was good.


  • Organised thoroughly before hand e.g make a mood-board of all the specific shots including the angles etc.
  • Get a third person to film us.
  • organised time better – do more shots but shorter shots.
  • Make sure to film in lighter areas in le guet.

For example having a third person would’ve been beneficial in this shoot as we would’ve both wanted to run down the stairs as we didn’t have enough shots of us together therefore having a third person would’ve meant we could’ve had us both running down them.




I liked this shot as we did a close up of a handshake when we met up, I think this worked really well therefore I believe we will use this in draft 2 also.  I feel as though having this close up was great as the shot before we start the handshake then it switches to a close up to us doing the handshake. This also is a sign of our friendship which is what we are trying to portray.



I also think this shot worked really well as it was a moving shot therefore it was a pan. I think this pan worked well as it was tracking me running from the right side of the screen onto the rope swing. This looked cool in my opinion.




This shot will fit in with our new narrative as it is symbolizing and foreshadowing the death of the main characters friend. Especially since it is a danger sign of the cliff. This will be great as we can flicker between this and the character many times to hint towards his death.





Overall I think doing this shoot will have benefited us as we made lots of mistakes that we can learn from. However it has put our group at a disadvantage due to having bad footage after shoot number 1. This means we will need to put more of an effort in to go shoot again out of school times to ensure we have enough footage before the deadline.