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Jul 16


Jul 16

Soon we will be starting to shoot for our music video. We are hoping for this shoot to go to plan therefore we created a plan to ensure everything goes well. Therefore we made this google docs to plan out our shoot.

This Doc will help us significantly as we will know what do when we do start filming. We are planing on meeting at 2:50-4 o’clock at la Guet. We chose La Guet as our fist location as it is a forest and has a nice atmosphere. I think it will work well and fit in with our theme well. We will use this planning document when filming to ensure we include everything we need to film.

Once we get there we will record the whole song many times in different locations. Firstly just solo shots but then we will also do group shots of all of us.

Jul 16

This is our risk assessment sheet for when we film our music video. This is to ensure we do not do any risky things which can result in injury. We will be going to places such as the Guet where there are high places for example and therefore we would need to make sure we are not climbing up high places. There are also many other risks that we need to consider and that is why we made this risk assessment.


Jul 16

We made this moodboard in order to see what our star image is going to look like. This means that our star image will wear/use most things in this image, our star image will be represented by what they wear and these are the outfits Sam will be wearing when we produce our music video. This will help us when we come to filming our music video as we now know how to dress or performer. This will save lots of time.

Jul 16
Jul 16

Here we used Padlet to make a visual shot list. A visual shot list is basically many screenshots of different techniques used in other people music videos. We then wrote about why they used this technique and what affect it has. We tried to get all of ours from professional music videos of our genre. This will help us when we are making our music video as we can use some of these shots our selves. We also wrote about what these shots portray. These different shots have many different meanings and I am excited to include some of these shots in my music video. Most of these shots are from music video on which are in my genre.

This is going to significantly help us when we go to make our music video as we can see what types of shots/angles we want to use. I personally think I want to include almost every one of these shots as long as its at an appropriate time in the song.  Making the padlet has allowed me to be able to be more creative with our shots in order to achieve a better looking music video.


Made with Padlet
Jul 16


In order to use Siames’ music in our video we needed to ask them for consent first. We needed to do this because they can copyright us but also because it is polite to do so.  Therefore we decided to try get in touch with them asking for permission. We then found on their website that they are easy to contact via the website. Therefore we decided to leave them a message asking if it’s okay that we use their music.

Jul 13

It is very important that we did this pitch as it shows us where we can improve but also what we’ve done well. This will benefit us so we can see what we’ll need to change but also we’re getting another persons perspective to tell us their pinion on our pitch. (Mrs Hales)

Overall there were some good amount of positives however there were also some negatives. Here are some positives:

  • theme
  • ideas
  • creative, unique
  • good narrative and locations thought out

Here are the negatives:

  • Vague ideas
  • link theme to video
  • performance is not thought about enough
  • Mise en scene is vague
  • need more understanding in lighting

In order to improve our pitch we will need to develop these negatives and change them into positives. Firstly we will need to develop our ideas more by having another meeting to discuss them. We then would need to link our theme to our video again we will have to meet up in a group and discuss how we can do this. Also we need to develop our performance more and talk about how we are going to do our performance. I also think we then need to make our mise en scene more outgoing and unique I think this will make our music video stand out more and be different. I do not want a generic costume. Finally to improve our pitch We would need to have more of a understanding in lighting.

Overall these negatives are going to help up as we will turn them into positives and make sure our music video is the best it can be. I am excited to make our music video.

Jul 13

This is the mood-board me and my group made. We put these images in because they’re relevant to our audience. We believe some of these images such as Netflix are used by songs audience. We put things such as:

  • Locations they may be at
  • Places the may eat
  • Their entertainment
  • Rebellious activities

A theorist in which has helped me when describing my audience is Blumler and Katz. They suggest that there are four uses and gratification that an audience seek from their media, these four uses and gratification are:

  • Information
  • Personal identity
  • Social interaction
  • Entertainment

This helped me as I had a look at these uses and gratifications and I thought about my audience. I tried finding information on them, their personal identity, their social interaction and their entertainment needs. By doing this I was able to find what my typical listener/watcher would be interested in our music.

Another theory in which helped me to describe my audience is the Stuart hall reception theory. Stuart hall argues that audience decodes what the producer encodes in a text.  However he says HOW they read the text depends on these 4 things:

  • Demographics
  • Psychographics
  • Cultural competence
  • Circumstances in which they are consuming the media

Having read this theory makes it easier to be able to include things that are associated to my audience so they can relate.

  • What platform is your production to be accessed on?


  • What is the product’s function? (What is it trying to do or achieve?)

Entertain the audience.


  • What genre(s) does your artist typically work in?



  • Who are the target audience?

Our target audience is typically men between the ages of 15-40 however we believe anyone can enjoy this type of music.


  • What do they find appealing/ what do they enjoy doing?

skating, playing the guitar, social media and being rebellious.


  • What do they expect from this type of media product?

to enjoy the music video to ensure we entertain them.


After making this mood-board  I Believe I now have a higher understanding of my audience. This will be helpful when I am making my music video as we know who we are making the video to therefore we can include things which may reach our target audience. Reaching my target audience is important because I can include things in my music video that link to my audience and therefore they can relate on therefore they may more interested in the video. Also if we include things that they interested in such as skating this may entertain them more.



Jul 02

This is the song we decided to choose to do our music video with. We chose this song for a number of reasons – this song reached all of our requirements when we were looking for a song to do. Firstly because this song is not too long and also not too short. another requirement we need was that it couldn’t have a music video and it doesn’t. We also wanted to do this song because it is a good song with clear lyrics. I don’t think this would be too hard to sync our performers lips to the song.

Overall I am happy with our song that we chose and am looking forward to filming our music video!