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Social Media Page Draft 1

This is our first draft of our social media page. I am happy with this draft I think we have got a lot of the conventions we need. This page will significantly help us to be able to get across our star image that we want.

What we did well:

I think we had a lot of enticing posts for example the picture of the dog – typically people are more likely to like a post of a a cute animal therefore this may make us grow especially using hashtags in which we did.

Charity – We also did ‘partnership’ with a mental health charity this was significant for us as it meant that we could get our theme of mental health issues out there. We also had the caption telling people to speak about there problems. Another reason why i think this post worked so well is with lockdown being in place in the UK still it means that people may have more mental health issues therefore we are trying to help the community.

Lead up posts – we had many lead up posts to build a level of excitement for our album. This means people may be excited for the release and therefore buy our album as soon as its released. I think these posts worked well and I also think its very conventional.

Front cover of our digipak – We also did a post of our front cover of our digipak this worked well also because people may like the graphical design but it also plays a part in building our star image. Almost as if because its cartoony you shouldn’t take us too seriously allowing u to connect with the fans more.

Snippet of our music video – This is linking in with the build up however I think this will also give excitement as the audience may like what they see and watch the music video once its released.

Giveaway – We made a post about giving away digipak covers. This worked really well as in order to enter the giveaway you basically had to shout us out and tag your friends. this means we would get more people visiting our Instagram page which may lead to them listening to our music.

Logo- I also think our logo as our profile picture w0rked well as it links in with our theme. I also like the colouring how it is very simplistic making it easier on the eye.

Star image – We had photos/ videos with the star image in it. This is significant as if the people already like the star image see them they may become more loyal to our page.

Lastly we had an image which is showing us number  6 worldwide this worked well as people may see this and it may be enticing to them and therefore they may check our our music that way making us have more of a fan base. Of course if they enjoy the music they may become a fan and therefore our fan loyalty may increase.

Overall all of these posts make an impact on our star image and audience but they also play a part in keeping fan loyalty up . Most of our posts would increase our audience base significantly. I am very happy with this social media page so far.