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Oct 21

Image result for redbull ad"

After looking through many advertisements I have decided these two will suit my genre the most. Firstly I decided to go with a sneaker advertisement as after doing research on my target audience I noticed that the majority of their fans wear sneakers I then decided Nike is a strong brand and therefore will make my magazine significant. After deciding I wanted a Nike sneakers brand I found the one above. I think this is suitable as it is relevant to my genre and I like the layout of the advertisement. I also found out from a source (link below) that Nike overtook Reebok in the hip-hop world we know this as Nike grew to nearly three times the size as its share of the athletic apparel market reached a staggering 39 percent compared to Reebok’s 14 percent.

After finding my Nike advertisement I wanted something the complete opposite in which is still relevant to rap. Therefore I wanted to go for a food/drink advert. Instantly my brain linked straight to Red-bull when think of rap and drinks – this could be because red-bull could be considered a dangerous drink and rap fans typically like to ‘live on the edge’. I also like the design and layout of this advertisement.

Overall I am happy with these advertisement as I believe they’re relevant to my target audience and also are big branded giving off a sense that my magazine such a big brand that we work with large brands.

Oct 20

*DPS will be here soon*

Front cover

I am pleased with how my front cover turned out. I worked very hard in order to achieve this. I had many different drafts of this and this took me a while to achieve what I was happy with. Usually after producing something I changed it many times, for example my masthead I changed around a lot to make sure I was satisfied with it.

What I think I did well:

  • Image – I really like the image I used, I think it’s good quality. I actually used to have it flipped so he was facing the other way but I decided to flip him how he is now after taking advice from my teacher. I did this so that it was more conventional as when the magazines are on the shelf they will show the image rather than the text.
  • fonts- I really like my fonts especially my subtitle ‘the home of hip-hop’ and I like how it is similar to my logo (rate).  I also really like the ‘featuring lil Jake’ this has special affects on it so that it stands out more.
  • Photoshop work- On Photoshop I cut out Jake so that he didn’t have a background and I also used the spot tool – this helped make his skin look smooth. I think I did this well as it makes my magazine more professional as typically magazines are edited like so.


Oct 17

We were told we would have to pick a genre for our music magazine. Therefore i decided to choose rap. I chose rap as I’m a rap fan myself and I think I’d enjoy making a music magazine based around a genre of music I like. Some people such as Eminem and Tupac are going to be my main inspirations for this magazine.

I have decided my rapper is going to be called ‘Slim Echo’ as I believe it’s unique and is a suitable name for a rapper. I’ve also decided to name my magazine brand to rate as it’s short and is also suitable. It could also link to the work rate this could symbolize the magazine is of a high rating.









Mission Statement

My mission is to allow people to be able to relate with our rapper. We want to try entertain everyone. We’d also like to extend the rap audience by introducing rap to many different people. I’d also like to get all the current rap fans to love our magazines.

Oct 15




This is my complete front cover, I really like how this has turned out. I experimented with many different things in order for this magazine to have turned out the way it has.


This is my most recent draft of the contents page I think this has gone well. I started off using a different image but the red box and the writing was covering over one of my models therefore I decided it was too unconventional and changed image. I think this has gone well.

This is my most recent mock of my draft. Although it is not done yet I like how it is going currently. I just need to add some more conventional features such as my logo and page numbers. I am also going to add more photos and see which ones I like. Although I like the simplistic look I do think I need to show off my Indesign skills more but I am happy with where it is going.

need to:

  • add more conventions
  • make text smaller + add in more
  • show off my Indesign skills more

Here is a screencastify in which my teacher made for me. Here she tells me all the things she thinks I can do to improve. This will help me greatly when going back to edit my magazine.

Oct 12

here is my second draft of my contents page. I really like this. As you can see I ended up changing the image as I believe it was too unconventional to be covering all of one of my models. I really like how this has turned out. I specifically like the opacity of the red on the right half of the screen. However I do think there is still a few things i could improve. Firstly I think I could move the quote up slightly. I could also make the contents at the top more visible. Lastly I think I may put the logo next to ‘contents’. My favorite thing I have done is how the red is starts in the centre of the page and so it going through the middle parting in his hair.

Making this contents page has made me develop my skills and knowledge in in-design. I learnt many different techniques when doing so.

Oct 11

This is my front draft for my contents page. I really like it however it is not up to my standards. There is just a few things I need to improve in order to be satisfied. First thing I’d like to improve is my ‘rate’ logo as it looks very stretched and unprofessional. i am also thinking of making the title go across the whole top and making ‘contents’ go across the top of the whole page. At first I did like how the word contents was in 2 rows but I have decided it would be more conventional and more professional looking if i put it across the top.

Things I like and think I’ve done well

  • I really like my red transparent half of the page. It took me a while to figure out how to do it however I believe it was worth it as I believe it came out really well. All I did was insert a rectangle (with the rectangle tool) and colored it in red. i then right clicked on the red box and pressed effects then transparency then changed the opacity to 50%.
  • I think my quote turned out pleasantly well. I think the quote works well and I also think the font looks well. I played around lots with the font and outline/colors etc in order to make it up to my standards. I quite like how  its quite large. As it may entice people into my magazine.
  • Although many people have multiple photos on their contents page however I like how my 1 photo fits perfectly. I also like the edgy background and I think it looks very professional.
  • I also like how in the red box I put large subtitles to entice readers in then I put a small description to pull them in even more. If I was in a magazine store and was looking at this contents Page i know I’d like to know more. I am also clearly showing the page number to inform the readers.

Things I need to improve

  • Firstly I’d improve my ‘rate’ title as it looks slightly stretched therefore making it look unprofessional.
  • I do not like the black box in which the contents is behind. I do not think it goes well therefore I may stretch it along the top of the page and my the contents down slightly. I may also play around with different colors of the box, maybe even a gradient.
  • I do like my font for ‘contents’ however there may be some in which I may prefer so I will also play around with that slightly to get the best I possibly can.
Oct 09

Here I have added in my article Q&a. This is certainly not the finished product however I like where this is going. There is many conventions I am missing still of course. I do like the font of the title. I like how this font is simple but it stands out. There is many things I’d like to improve:

  • Try out new images- I’m not sure if this image is too suiting with the background. I do like the brown to the white however I do think the image can be improved, I have a few images In which I will end up trying to see if they fit better.
  • Add more conventions- I will need to add more conventions to give my magazine a more realistic feel. For example I will need to add page numbers at the bottom. I will also add my logo, a introductions and conclusion.
  • Background- Although I do like the white background as it gives a sense of simplicity I may try some backgrounds. I will most likely try many different types of gradients.
  • Add context – I need to say something in my article about how they’re in pajamas. Otherwise people will think they’re crazy. We need to get the message across that they don’t care what people think about them.
Oct 07

In this draft I went for a simplistic look this as I think rap fans typically would be more enticed if it is easier to read and not too flashy. I also thought of doing a simplistic look as other rap magazine have done the same. I think this is a good start however I do not think this is done yet, I think I did well:

  • -the text boxes (might need to ensure the placement of them are okay)
  • -The title
  • – The image
  • -the simplistic look

I could do better if:

  • -added a page number and maybe my logo
  • -try different colour background maybe
  • -sort out the positioning of the text
  • -make the outro slightly longer

I also asked my peer Sam what I could improve on he said:

  • “conventions such as a page number”
  • “slightly more text to fill in the gaps”

Miss Hales also gave me feedback in the screencastify she did for me. In this she mentioned how I should reference why they’re in pyjamas. She also said how I should mess around with the text box’s to ensure they’re fitted properly. She also said that the brown background blends in with James onesie this may be an issue as I am not getting my point across about how he is wearing pyjamas. She also mentioned show I could add a pull quote.

In order to improve this draft I will need to take all these points into consideration. I will make sure I include more conventions, make text longer by adding in a reason as to why they’re in pyjamas and also make sure the text boxes fit properly I also may add in a pull quote.