Favourite Music Video from Former Student

This is my favourite music video from the class of 2019, the song used in this video is called ‘Normal’, the song expresses feelings of not fitting in and hiding ones true self to appear ‘normal’. The video closely follows the narrative of the lyrics and music, therefore it is an illustration. This music video is my favourite as the video’s narrative is very easy to follow and very clear, it tells a good story and progresses as it goes along. Mis-en-scene has been used very well to illustrate how she is trying to set herself free and embrace her freedom from being in the crowd and faking being someone she isn’t. The setting also adds to this, the beach has a lot of open space and the waves crash while her hair blows in the wind symbolising her desire to be free. Camera is also used well to support the key themes and ideas of this video, in my opinion the best shot is shown at 0:53, the use of the extreme long shot shows her isolation and feeling of being an outsider as she is sat with space all around her and not engaging in conversation.

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