So… How is it going?

During the process of making my music magazines I have learnt many lessons and transferable skills, I really enjoyed the designing although I did get rather stressed when certain things wouldn’t work.I learnt to take a deep breath and relax and not put so much pressure on myself.  The other transferable skills I have learnt are patience, you have to be patient with designing and not rush things, time management is also something which I can take from designing my music magazine. I struggle a lot with time management but getting used to the applications and exploring them has helped a lot with my time management issue. One thing which could of gone better is if I stepped completely out my comfort zone, this would encourage more creativity in my magazine.

A New Improved Complete Magazine Draft

Shown above is my complete magazine draft with below a screen cast which my teacher has made assessing my complete draft.

The feedback from my teacher overall included many targets and ideas of how I can make my magazine bolder, my targets for improvement are as follows:

Front cover

  • Pull down plug,also only chose one plug as there are two.
  • Masthead needs capital corrections
  • Make main cover line bigger
  • Add price and edition
  • Photo adjusting: up contrast and twist image

Contents page 

  • Un strech pictures
  • Break up the coverlines
  • Fill up space at bottom
  • Page number
  • Suggestions: use plainer font, better photo for Louis, description underneath

Double page spread 

  • Photo is stretched, unstretch it
  • Standfirst needs to be moved to article
  • Add a drop capital at start
  • Suggestions: Space out lines on quote, page  umber higher
  • Correct hyphens

Overall from my feedback I have a lot of tweaking to do in order for my magazine to be the best it can be.




A New Improved Contents Page

Shown above is my new and improved contents page, I have fulfilled the targets which I previously received, the changes I have made include:

-Adding in page titles, adding in more color, and page numbers of the articles.

I have some targets which I will need to address before I upload my final music magazine, these include:

  • Un-stretching the images
  • Breaking up of coverlines
  • Fill in the space which is seen at the bottom
  • Use a more traditional font as the photo I have used is too fancy.
  • Page number
  • Better image for Louis Naftel

Draft of Contents Page

Here is my first draft of my contents page, as you can see I have already added two images which are references to articles shown inside the magazine. I added a yellow background shown under the images to create a polaroid film effect. Moving forward I will need to:

-Add the page number

-Add the page titles

-Add more colour

What is a contents page?

Before it comes to designing my own contents page I need to gather information into them and what they include. To begin this process I researched what technical conventions they include, I found the following:

  • Editors intros
  • Page numbers
  • Hyperbole and superlatives in headlines, word clues
  • Images (including images which relate to the listed articles/features)
  • Graphic illustrations and designs
  •  The magazine’s name and mission statement

When making my contents page I also have to consider AIDA and also Blumer and Katz theory:

AIDA- I need my contents page to: 

A- attract ,I– interest ,D– create desire,A– a call to action

In terms of Blumer and Katz I will need to make sure my audience:

-Are entertained

-Are informed/educated

-Socially interacted with

-Can personally identify with the content

Below I experimented with some contents page designs which I gathered to help me when it comes to creating my own contents page.


A New Improved DPS

Shown below is my new and improved Double Page Spread, after my reflection on the conventions I needed to include I added them as seen below.

I added a byline (Photograph by Keith James and article by Francesca Cable), I then added a quote which appeared in my article. This helps to draw my audience in and the quote is also relatable as we have all had to conquer fears which at some point have limited us. I moved the headline to the left of the page as I felt it fitted more there and was more effective. After this I changed the font of the questions and colour so that they would stand out more, then finally I added the page numbers.

I am happy with how this double page spread turned out, I feel that it fits in well with my front cover and my aims of my magazine. It is simple yet aesthetic and the article provides just the right amount of information and facts for my target audience to enjoy.