Prelim Continuity Task

  • In my video I used a variety of different camera angles and movements. For example, I used close ups, zoom in, pan shot, mid shots and long shots, followed up by an extreme close up on the item exchange.


  • I used these techniques to create a general idea of the geography and space of the setting. They set up the atmosphere during the sequence and were helpful in capturing characters emotions. For example, I used a camera zoom in on the girl’s face to capture her expression to being given the item and to reflect her confusion to the audience.


  • I have learnt to use the following continuity editing rules to help and improve the edit. The most important rule I learnt of the editing is the 180 degree rule, where the camera must not pass the line of action between two things interacting. This allows for the edit to flow smoothly and avoid any confusion that may arise from breaking the rule. I also learnt the shot reverse shot, which helped to show the audience the characters perspective so they can get a general idea of the time and space. For example, I used an eyeline match of the girl and the clock to give an idea of time passing and boredom which was shown by the reaction shot.


  • I used these rules to make help the edit run effectively and create a connection between both characters in an interactive way, which the audience can find immersive and understand the characters’ views and emotions.


  • I have learnt to use the following tools/techniques in Premiere Pro which includes, marking in and out parts of long clips to construct them into an edit that flows smoothly. I also learnt how to make use of video effects on selected clips, such as, the zoom in function on the character which allowed me to capture facial expression and emotions.


  • I used these tools to build the sequence in chronological order of the dialogue to flow efficiently.


  • If I was to do this project again I would try to make use of more camera angles that work in correlation with the dialogue. I would also like to try out the different editing techniques that I could use to create more meaning and depth.

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