Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)


Overall, I am happy with the footage we got from the shoot. We made good use of the framing and composition we have learnt throughout the year, and I am happy with the framing of the shots as they we made use of leading lines creating a sense of claustrophobia for the character and the rule of thirds to convey his isolation. However, apart from the ideas we used for the shoot, the lighting and some other problems we didn’t anticipate beforehand affected our shoot in a bad way. From this I hope to do a retake of the shoot and use what went well in the new one and erase what went wrong.

Our Targets

From the shoot, I wanted to follow our storyboard as best we could and to get good footage that captured the vision we had for the video and reflected its themes clearly. We also wanted to make sure that we got the best quality footage.


Audience Ideologies

This is a slide of an example Dating Profile for my Audience’s Ideology.

We gathered information from YouGov to use as a template to create our Dating Profile.

This is a document we made using screenshots from the YouGov site about our type of audience. This told us about their social class, what type of media they are into, and their age.


Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Self Assessment

I believe we were able to construct a good sequence and were successful in merging the narrative and performance in order to offer a strong balance of the two. We were able to use variety of the different shots.

Targets for Improvement

  • Clean up the narrative footage by re filming most of the parts
  • Add movements and zooms for performance on Premiere to make it visually appealing
  • Alter the colour and saturation of there video to reflect the tone of the song
  • Make the cuts quicker and try to link the cuts to the rhythm.

Shoot Reflection (Performance)

I am really happy with the results from the performance shoot. We managed to record the shots we needed and were able to get a range of different camera angles and distances. We made good use of the cinematography that we have learnt throughout the year, which allowed us to communicate meaning through the composition in order to reflect the themes of the narrative. The location I chose is excellent as it gave us the opportunity to make the framing visually appealing and interesting, such as the leading lines of the pillars that break up the frame. The use of rule of thirds to communicate isolation and loneliness in correlation with the narrative themes is good.

Narrative Storyboard

This is our storyboard we used to give us inspiration for our narrative shoot.

Our storyboard offered us a template and a vague vision of what to expect from the shoot and how it will look.

Narrative Development

This is our slide on the 3 act narrative structure which includes the beginning, middle and end. In this document we discuss how we will follow the conventional style of the narrative and how the themes communicated lead to resolve.



Performance Rough Cut – Draft 1

Self Assessment

I believe I was successful in constructing a decent chronological and coherent sequence. The lip synchronization is slightly off but can be easily fixed. We made good use of cinematography with the variety of camera angles and distances, which communicates meaning to reflect the themes of the narrative, such as rule of thirds by positioning the subject to the far left of the frame to convey isolation and loneliness.

Targets for Improvement

  • Improve the synchronization of the lyrics.
  • Add effects to the shots, such as zooms and movements
  • Make the cuts in the sequence shorter

Star Image Planning

In order to create a good music video we will need to create a star image which reflects the genre and the song. Through the creation of the star image I used Ben Howard as a template to see how they were portrayed. Radek is our star as he possesses a physical appears that seems relatable to our genre. I used pinterest to find images for my moodboard. Click Here to be directed to my board of images from Pinterest.

Ben Howard - Every Kingdom

Ben Howard Music Video

This image conveys a sense of claustrophobia as it gives us the idea of being trapped. This portrays the thought of being confined as the water represents your mind. The images messages it communicate shows Ben Howard to be vulnerable to his mentality.



These Waters // Ben Howard

Ben Howard Lyrics

These lyrics reflects his personal struggle that he feels. Ben tends to be genuine and open about in his songs that often talk about his mental struggle. This represents him as a real and relatable icon which is why he is popular and respected by many.



Ben Howard. Very few people get to my heart the way he does. Especially with "Follaton Wood"


The image shows him to have real passion and love for his music, based off of his facial expression.