Test Shoots

For this task, we were asked to film a performance for our shoot using our song. Then we went to Premiere Pro for the editing process to put the clips together. This is a 20 second highlight reel of the music video we were asked to produce.

What went well:

  • The use of lighting effects works well to communicate the tone of the song
  • Shot transition is good
  • Camera movements in editing work well to position him of the right axis of the rule of thirds
  • Zoom out from close up to mid shot is good.


Even better if:

  • Reduce the amount of time the blur effect took
  • Improve the sychronisation of the song with the performer
  • Keep visual distractions from the frame, e.g. the sky in the left corner of the low angle

Pitch + Feedback



Feedback Summary

  • How the video should be structured in terms of the narrative
  • Look for locations that would fit with the narrative, e.g. dark grimy alleyway, uphill and High location with a view over the houses
  • What kind of editing techniques should be done to communicate the themes, such as, black and white during the start that adds colour throughout the story.
  • The framing and use of cinematography.
  • Leading lines for the alleyway
  • Wide shot when he reaches his goal
  • Look for 5-6 different things that the characters can focus on

Targets from Feedback

  • Find some locations that would be suitable for the video in town
  • Test out various editing techniques in Premiere Pro that could work with our video
  • How to structure the story to fit in the timeline
  • Think of an actor to play in the video

Song Short List and Moodboards

Superorganism – Something For Your M.I.N.D

    • Story focuses on a girl tripping out on drugs while wondering around Candy Gardens
    • Use colourful editing techniques in order to create a visually appealing video
    • Wear colourful tye dye clothing
    • Disjunctive narrative to play with the audiences mind

Noah Clouds – Sunlight


  • Have a man walking away from a broken relationship wandering through darkness to find himself into the light
  • Amplification style narrative as the video creates another layer of meaning to the song
  • Use editing techniques to communicate the tone of the video and make use of slow paced transitions at the start to speeding up towards the end
  • ┬áRipped Jeans / Light coloured jacket to create a contrast between him and the darkness around him
  • Track shots to follow him through on his journey
  • Long shots to show his loneliness and isolation

Final Song Choice

My group is happy with the song choice as we can create a good video that can flow with the song. The song gives us the opportunity to make use of the different techniques that we have learnt over the past few months. We have formed a good narrative that follows the style of the lyrics which will make use of the micro features to communicate the meaning. We have come up with some good ideas that we could use for editing in order to communicate the themes of the video, such as, low contrast during the start with colours being added throughout the video.

We have combined many ideas with each other about the mise-en-scene, cinematography and editing to form a believable story that can follow the tone of the music. My partner carried some ideas from his pitch slideshow and his moodboards that we could implement into my music video tom create more variety in the shots and edit.