Risk Assessment

Creating a Risk Assessment sheet was helpful to identify potential problems that I or my actors may face during the shoot. It also helped me in deciding where I could shoot in the castle and where to position my actors safely and free from danger.

My Work in Progress

Click on this to get directed to a PDF om my pages.

Here is a screencastify feedback video from my teacher on my pages so far.

Front Page:

Replace some of the fonts with something more engaging and creative.

Reduce the amount of space by enlarging the Masthead and shifting it upwards.

Keep the colour scheme consistent.

Contents Page:

Fill in the space in the top right corner.

Make sure all content is on the page.

Double Page Spread:

Create a stronger headline

Complete the article



2nd shoot contact sheet

Click on the image to get directed to a PDF of the contact sheet of my Good Shots.

































Click of the image to see a PDF of my Bad Shots.


I am happy with some of the shots I took. However, the quality of many shots that had good potential were ruined due to lighting issues and other factors. Overall, I believe that the cinematography and mise en scene that was implemented into the photo would create a suitable image for the magazine.

Draft 1


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Peer Feedback

Click here to see video on my feedback from my 1st draft

Targets For Development

  • I will make a start on my contents page and set a broad idea of what I want it to look like then add in the smaller details.
  • Try to add more copy into the cover page and rotate some of the features so it doesn’t look so linear.
  • Finish editing mymain images in photoshop and implement them into my magazine.

Improved Magazine

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