Our Mission Statement

My Mission Statement:

Satisfying your musical desires. Feel the music flow inside you. See Matt Mayer’s story through the use of words and see how you can make it through distressing and sorrowful times into ecstatic and joyous life.

From the mission statement that I created, you can see it is for Matt Mayer’s brand new album. I decided to call it Blue Heavens as a reference to the feeling that the song communicates.

Who Is Your Audience?

I researched similar music titles to get an idea of the type of audience that will be interested in my type of music. I used YouGov to find the demographics of my audience and their interests in other media.

Who Are The Competition?

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Ben Howard

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Image result for daughter album cover






Radical Face
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Daughter and Ben Howard both follow similar styles with a dark tone due to the colour scheme. Daughter seems much less edited compared to both Radical Face and Ben Howard which gives a sense of realism. All bands are positioned to look away from the camera which further reinforces the idea of sadness and isolation.

Unique Selling Point

My star is already a developed artist in the indie folk community. I am attempting to develop my star image in order to approach the wider market and in turn increase album sales through a rise in popularity.

Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)


Overall, I am happy with the footage we got from the shoot. We made good use of the framing and composition we have learnt throughout the year, and I am happy with the framing of the shots as they we made use of leading lines creating a sense of claustrophobia for the character and the rule of thirds to convey his isolation. However, apart from the ideas we used for the shoot, the lighting and some other problems we didn’t anticipate beforehand affected our shoot in a bad way. From this I hope to do a retake of the shoot and use what went well in the new one and erase what went wrong.

Our Targets

From the shoot, I wanted to follow our storyboard as best we could and to get good footage that captured the vision we had for the video and reflected its themes clearly. We also wanted to make sure that we got the best quality footage.


Shoot Reflection (Performance)

I am really happy with the results from the performance shoot. We managed to record the shots we needed and were able to get a range of different camera angles and distances. We made good use of the cinematography that we have learnt throughout the year, which allowed us to communicate meaning through the composition in order to reflect the themes of the narrative. The location I chose is excellent as it gave us the opportunity to make the framing visually appealing and interesting, such as the leading lines of the pillars that break up the frame. The use of rule of thirds to communicate isolation and loneliness in correlation with the narrative themes is good.