Music Video Draft 4

What’s Changed:

  • We added more variety in the performance shots
  • We implemented a filter effect to further reflect the tone of the song and narrative
  • Jump cuts were added in flow with the beat of the song
  • We fully edited in the updated narrative shots
  • The cuts have been shortened to improve the pace


Peer Feedback:

Targets for Improvement:

  • Take out some of the jump cut edits
  • Improve the synchronization in some areas
  • Add more action in the narrative during the walking shots
  • Improve the edit making some of the long cuts shorter
  • Add some effects to make more visually appealing

Music Video Draft 3

What has changed?

  • The speed of the edit in correlation with the pace of the song.
  • Fixed lip synchronization
  • Long track shot has been cut up and spread throughout the video

Peer Feedback





  • Unclear narrative
  • Good pace of video in relation to music
  • Shaky camera in some shots
  • Unnecessarily out of focus in some shots
  • Repetitive use of performance shots

Targets for Improvement

  • Make the narrative clear in the re-shoot
  • Add more variety in performance
  • Better control of the focus and depth of field in re-shoot
  • Use a tripod in all stages
  • Make use of shot reverse shots

Audience Ideologies

This is a slide of an example Dating Profile for my Audience’s Ideology.

We gathered information from YouGov to use as a template to create our Dating Profile.

This is a document we made using screenshots from the YouGov site about our type of audience. This told us about their social class, what type of media they are into, and their age.


Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

Self Assessment

I believe we were able to construct a good sequence and were successful in merging the narrative and performance in order to offer a strong balance of the two. We were able to use variety of the different shots.

Targets for Improvement

  • Clean up the narrative footage by re filming most of the parts
  • Add movements and zooms for performance on Premiere to make it visually appealing
  • Alter the colour and saturation of there video to reflect the tone of the song
  • Make the cuts quicker and try to link the cuts to the rhythm.

Narrative Storyboard

This is our storyboard we used to give us inspiration for our narrative shoot.

Our storyboard offered us a template and a vague vision of what to expect from the shoot and how it will look.

Narrative Development

This is our slide on the 3 act narrative structure which includes the beginning, middle and end. In this document we discuss how we will follow the conventional style of the narrative and how the themes communicated lead to resolve.