Design Skills 2

The skills I have learnt have helped me a lot in photoshop as can navigate well through the different options and how to get a specific effect I want.







In photoshop I have played with the adjustments options to create effects on my image that make it look shady and dark, which reflects the genre and appears interesting to the viewer. The control I have over the colour effects on the image is good as I understand what each of the options do and I can Identify which effect I want. However, I would like to improve on my knowledge and understanding of many of the other settings as there may be a specific effect I want but don’t know how to get it.

Image result for indesign gradient

The design skills I have in Indesign are decent. I have made use of the gradients function for my cover page to create a connection between the colours but still have a powerful contrast.

So…How is it going?

I believe I am making good progress in the development of my magazine. I think the colour scheme and structure clearly reflects the genre of the magazine and will look appealing to the target market. The stars I chose to include in the magazine are huge influential people in the rock community which will attract the fans of the artists to my magazine. I have made great progress since the start of the production process and will continue to improve over the next few weeks.

The cover page is looking decent, as it still has things that need to be changed. The colour scheme I chose of red, black and white in order to challenge the genre conventions of the magazine, which will attract more people as it makes my magazine more unique. I chose the colours because they all create a powerful contrast which will look eye catching to the viewer. I am happy with the Masthead font, but I believe that some of the other fonts on the page look dull and uncreative. I must also enlarge the masthead font to fill in some empty space in the top right corner. Overall, I am in a good position for the cover page and when I achieve the targets I set then I will be happy with the layout.

The contents page is what I am struggling with the most as I cannot decide on how to structure it. The title font is weak and I can’t decide on what images to use. I need to prioritise on creating the structure of the page so I will have a foundation to work off of.

The double page spread is looking good at the moment. I am happy with the photoshop effects I used on the background image to communicate meaning. However, the article needs improving as the structure of it doesn’t flow smoothly and isn’t long enough to cover both pages. I will need to add some extra features to cover some of the excess space aswell.

So… I am ready to photograph my star.

My first Photo Shoot for my music magazine ‘Slash’ is coming up, I intend to use what I have learnt about camera and mise-en-scene over the past few weeks into my photo shoot to communicate my brand ideas. I aim to use a variety of camera techniques that I have learnt to implement into my photos, such as, different angles and distances to communicate meaning to my intended audience, this will interest the viewer into buying. I will also play with the different settings on the DSLR to take the best shots for my magazine, this will include changing the aperture, ISO and depth of field, which will affect the lighting in the frame. I believe this will be effective in creating the best and most creative images I can capture.

Additionally, I will use the different elements I have learnt about mise-en-scene to communicate my brand ideas to the target audience. I believe that costume is the most important element, as it will give the viewer an instant idea of the genre and will hopefully grab their attention. I have selected the type of costume I want my model to wear that I believe is relevant for my magazine genre, and will also communicate the right meaning. I will mess around with the lighting in the room to create different effects in the images that  create a sense of depth and meaning in my images, that will reflect my magazine genre.

Furthermore, I believe I am ready to photograph my model for my magazine. I will use a variety of techniques I have learnt over the past few weeks to gather the best images. I hope I will find one image that is satisfactory and I can move into the editing stage with.

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

During our time in media studies so far, we have learnt that mise en scene is a key part of a shot and how it is used to suggest different meanings and characteristics. Mise en scene refers to everything you see in a shot, in terms of; costume, lighting, acting, make up/hair, props and setting. These are the key factors to create an interesting and appealing shot, which can be applied to the filming of a movie or an on the front of a magazine cover.

Mise en scene is what gives life to an image. This can be what a characters costume suggests about their class and social status, or how the lighting of an image can convey the genre that the shot belongs to, the mood of the shot or how it could display a character to indicate what personality they have. For example, if a characters costume is a black suit, the colour black connotes to seriousness, elegance and formality. The suit suggests that they have a regular office type job and they belong to the middle class social status with an average income.

What I find interesting is that since I learned this skill I can now read and understand pieces of media much more easily and interpret images in a completely different way, such as, films and magazine cover. Learning these skills has vastly helped my knowledge and understanding of media. One recent task I did was an analysis essay on mise en scene for the Downton Abbey sequence, in which I broke everything down and analysed the costume, lighting, acting, make up and everything else in  the sequence. This helped me to understand how mise en scene can distinguish the two different types of lifestyles in the sequence through mise en scene, especially the costume and acting which clearly displayed the high class and the lower class.

In conclusion, learning about mise en scene has immensely increased my understand of media and how it can communicate meaning, which will help me significantly when creating my music magazine.

So…. I’m a ‘Media Prosumer!’


I am a media prosumer, this shows that I actively involved in the production and consumption of media.

The media that I have included in my collage represents the ways in which I consume aspects of the media. I use media on an everyday basis, whether it is in the form of social interaction, entertainment or for information. My overall use of media can show what my interests are and how it can give a clear image of my personality. I included the social media website, Facebook, in my collage as I use it to communicate with my friends and people around the world. I also use media for entertainment, such as, tv shows, youtuber channels, etc. I use it for entertainment as an easy escape from reality in order to relieve stress and pressure of everyday life.

I believe that the way I use media does fit well with the Blumler & Katz uses and gratification theory. This can be shown from my collage as it manages incorporates all the different elements in the theory. For example, my collage contains images that fall in the entertainment category, this represents my personal identity and interests.




So…. Hello Media Studies!

Over the course of media studies I hoping to improve my analytical skills and further my knowledge of media and how it can be applied to real life situations.  I already have some experience in analysis and photography, but I want to improve. I am also hoping to learn more about communications and editing software, plus learn how to bring together a variety of elements to create a creative and enticing piece of art, which looks interesting to the viewer. I have already learned how to set up a blog and break down a piece of media in order to learn why such elements were used, for example; fonts, copy, colour, etc, and how these elements were used to interest the consumer. I have already got experience in breaking down sequences and analysing why such features were used, for example, camera angles, colour, etc. I did AS film last year and learned how to put photographs in a sequence to create a thriller storyboard, which improved my photography and creative skills. At the end of the course I am hoping that my analytical skills would have improved and I gain experience in using computer software to manipulate photos and learn how to make an attractive piece of media.