Music Video Form & Conventions

In this project I have learned that different genres of music have different Mise-en-scene conventions, and that videos can either portray the song, can add a different layer to the song or be a random video that makes the song different and more interesting.

The Illustration narrative shows the song, it illustrates it as it is.The Amplification narrative adds a different layer to the song, it is usually paired with a song that can have different meanings.The disjunctive narrative is a random video, to make the song more interesting.I have learned how to create a music video that will suit my genre and sell. I have also been given and idea of what kind of a narrative would I want to do for my magazine.

As I am planning to have a rock music magazine, I would want to have an either a amplified or illustrative video, as I feel like that would suit my idea the most. The idea being, that the singers life is ruined after someone with more power than him, sends him to an asylum. As he is surrounded by walls, wearing a straight jacket, the world can be crumbling representing his life falling apart. I feel like an amplified video, with some illustrative moments may dramatically increase the interest of the viewer.

Preliminary Task

The video created by me and Sasha, this video is a practice for us to show our understanding on editing.The video has varying shots: A two shot, close up, medium shot and a pan. During editing we added a shot reverse shot.The techniques used in the video were used to add more drama to the scene.The close up shots of the character taking the sweater from the other character, shows the disappointment and frustration of the character, as his gift isn’t appreciated.I have learned to not break the 180 degree rule, as it makes it easier for the viewers to understand the narrative of the scene.

I have also learned to not make continuity mistakes, that could throw off the audience.I used these rules to show the audience the drama happening in the scene, but also to make more sense.In Premier Pro I learned to use cutting tool, to edit clips and create shots such as the shot reverse shot.I used the shot reverse shot to create more tension between the characters in the scene.If I am to do this project again, I would make the actors act better to make it more authentic, and I would also make sure I add an establishing shot to the scene, as we were unable to have one.

So How Did It Go?

I have finally finished creating my music magazine, and I can say that I really enjoyed making it .Even though it was my first ever experience of making a magazine, that I have planned and created. During the process I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot of thing in the process.

During the making of the magazine, my design skills have become better, my skills with InDesign and Photoshop .I have learned how to manipulate pictures better, how to cut them and change them completely. At first it was difficult as it was something new to me and I didn’t know what to expect, but I have enjoyed my time, and am really happy with the magazine that I created. The music magazine “Stak” the Hip Hop magazine.Overall I feel like I have made a huge progress, as my skills have improved soo much compared to when I first started, and I am confident that in the future the design skills learned, will help me in the future of the working life of an adult.


This is the advert I chose for my music magazine, I think that it suits he audience as I had a look at a site that tells you the preference of people concerning different music genres.The beats are a symbolic part of Hip Hop as it was also created by a Rapper, Dr Dre.The target audience will be interested in the advert.

This is the second advert that I want to add to my music magazine, as it would add the finishing touch, it would suit the audience and it looks good.The tour poster suits the hip hop audience.I researched yougov, which is a site that shows what people find interesting, as I have mentioned before.The result I got were that rap is mostly listened to by men who have a stable job, and have extra money.The “Beats” headphones, are very expensive so they will be able to afford them.The advert of the Tour shows rappers that have a similar style to Dr Dre and Eminem, which is why I though that It would suit the audience.