Digipack Convention Analysis

The digipack is the album cover, it represents the conventions of the genre of which the band is making music. The album art also is meant to represent the band, their style of music and what their songs mean. A digipack can be analysed though a few categories, which all have their own meaning on the art and what it conveys to the audience:Language, Fonts, Colors, Art.

In the presentation above I try to analyse the digipack for the band Linkin Park, I chose the album Meteora as it is one of their famous albums. I try to decipher what the conventions of the digipack are to understand how would I construct my own, to encode it for the audience to decode. I have learned more about the digipack conventions and how bands use them to increase purchases. By incentivising the customers, though the use of the categories mentioned earlier.

Music Video Draft 4

Out final draft for the music video project in media studies. Throughout the making of this video we challenged what we had learned and learned how to be independent and learned how to use our initiative to create different effects, by experimenting.Overall draft 4 of our music video is our best draft yet. This draft is different from our previous draft, because in this one we have added more glitch/noise effects in the video, we have also color corrected more shots to make sure that all shots look perfect – as we did re shoot our performance. We have also added a few more different transitions to emphasis more emotion in the video.

This is a video where Bilal commented on my music video, sharing his opinion and suggesting some improvements for the video.The screen castify, shows his reaction to the video with me and one of my partners – Owen.

Targets for improvements:

  • The rapper need to have more enthusiasm in their performance
  • Maybe add more glitches, have a considerable difference with amount of glitches between beginning and end
  • Maybe add one big glitch or edit for the ending bit, to make sure its more memorable


Music Video Draft 3

The third draft of the music video. The difference between draft 2 and this draft is that we have made the video smoother. We have added different effects – echo and noise- we used these to represent that the masked men have appeared, where they represent the characters fears, distress and insanity.We have also a number of new shots and we have also increased the pace of the cuts between shots.We have added transitions to allow the narrative and the performance flow better.

The comment above is feed from a student, which me and my group do not know. This will allow them to give the most honest criticism. The comment states that our video has a lot of energy, and have good actors which are really into their roles. All of the comments have been given to us by students which we don’t know off.


The comment above states that out video has good lip sync, we have a good intro and the shots are really good. The effects used look really good and they suit the story.Overall a great video.

The two comments above state that they both like our music video, the comments also mention that our artists fit well in their roles as musicians.They have also mentioned that our editing has gotten a positive effect as, they say that they like it.

What we could improve on :

  • Speed up some of the cuts, as some of them are too long
  • Overused noise effect
  • Add more close ups of the drummer
  • Maybe add more shots of the narrative where the character is in a straight jacket

Production Skills Evaluation 2

During the making of the music video me and my group have managed to learn a lot more about the program that we are using to edit our music video, Premier Pro. At the begging we didn’t have much experience – well at least me. As the other two people in my group have had some experience with the program. As this was my first time editing in general – and I didn’t know much about the program, I had some difficulties. As time passed and I played more with the program, I started to learn the basics of how to edit. I learned what are good and bad shots, how good certain transitions are – and most importantly the conventions of editing for the genre of music which my group chose for the project.

During my progress of learning the skills of the program( Premier Pro), my friends edited most of the video in terms of shots and transitions. Because of this I had to quickly learn how to add effects to  the shoot so that I don’t hold back my team. While slowly making progress understanding how editing works and experimenting with what effects will work, I started to edit little by little I started editing bits, adding echo effects, noise effects when the masked men are shown color correction.During this project my skills and knowledge on editing has sufficiently increase during this project.

The picture above shows how we changed colour for certain shots, mainly on shots where we have edited in noise effects.The colour correction for the noise effects adds a feeling of danger , as shown from the picture I increased the reds in that shot. To infer that the masked men are dangerous, this helps the narrative show that the masked men are haunting the narrative character.

The picture above shows the effect that we added to infer insanity, and add psychedelic feel to the narrative. The noise/ wave warp effect increases the tension between the characters in the narrative allowing the viewer to immerse themselves into the video. This will impact the final product in a positive way, as this will make the video more interesting meaning that people will want to watch it again.


New Production Meeting Agenda/Shot List


The Production Meeting Agenda and the new Shot List, are for the re shoot of the performance part of our music video. The Production meeting agenda says what everyone’s  responsibilities are, what they need to bring to the shoot. What they are going to be doing in the shoot. The shot list contains the what shots we are  planning on using. It is important to have a PMA and a shot list so that everything is planned, this is to make sure that there aren’t no mistakes, to make sure that everything is perfect.

Feedback From Teacher

Feedback from Mrs Cobb on our music video – giving her opinion on what she likes, what could be improved and overall how well have we done so far.This is Draft 2 of our video meaning that it should have a lot that could be changed to improve.


Things she likes:

  • The fast paced cuts are good and appropriate for the genre
  • The narrative story was good, and it was filmed well
  • The amazing performance of Jacob, who really gave his all in singing
  • The Mise-en-scene was at a really high standard

Things we could do to further improve out music video:

  • There could be more close up shots of the narrative character, on how he is escaping the straight jacket
  • Maybe have more emotion with either faster paced cuts or use a lot of moving shots to create emotion

The video needs a lot of work and we can make it a lot better, using either faster paced cuts we could add more emotion.We also plan to use more effects in the video to further increase the impact that the narrative makes using more glitch effects.Overall I think that we are doing well and we are up to data, however to make the video even better is add more emotion.

Audience Ideologies

The tinder profile I made using YouGov.com, searching for fans who enjoy listening to Alternative Rock. Looking though the site I got a better idea of what the demographics for the target audience are, the site also informed me of what the typical fan likes to watch, such as movies and TV shows.

This will allow me to understand and target the conventional listener to this genre. This will allow me to understand the target audience and because of this I will be able to create a product which will satisfy the audience to the fullest. It will make the audience want to watch to music video more than once, and make the the song sell.

The produced encodes and the audience decodes the video, targeting the audience of Alternative Rock they will get preferred reading. Decoding it correctly and therefore accept the text and it will more likely be more successful.This is why it is important to know your audience.

Music Video Draft 2 Includes Narrative

The video is the second draft for our music video, the video contains the narrative and has the final shots we are planning on using in our final draft.The video went really well, we had a high variety of shots and we managed to have a lot of fast paced cuts, as it is conventional for the genre. The video is also 2:41, meaning that all the shots count in the video.We tried to use a high variety of angled shots with different distances.

Since we used a lot of fast paced shots we would need to add a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, as an epilepsy warning. To improve the video we could add effects to smooth the video and finalize it, however we will add the effects in then next draft, as this was just to make sure that we have all the shots that we needed and we made sure that they worked together.

Targets to improve:

  •  Use filters and effects in the video
  • We need to make sure that the ending of the video makes more sense

Production Skills Evaluation 1

While editing our music video for the second draft, I had learned a few skills – while solidifying my current skills.One of the new skills which I learned was though to me by Owen, he showed me how to increase the quality of a clip by using an adjustment layer.This new skills will allow me to create higher quality videos in the future and will help me when editing the final draft for our music video.The way it works is that you add an adjustment layer above the part of the video that you wish to improve.The adjustment layer has a mask on it to improve the quality, but to further improve the quality if the clip we added a second layer of the same  clip above the original, where we increased the opacity by 350% and added a Soft Light effect.

(The quality isn’t the best, sorry)

Overall I think that my design skills improved a little bit, because I only learned how to improve the quality of the clip, my skills of editing didn’t improve by great amounts however I feel more confident when using the program. And have a better idea of where tools are,  and how to use them.The video went really well and we are up to date, I feel like the only way we could have improved is that we could have used effects in the video. However me and my group agreed that we will add the effects on the final draft. Our plan is to just find what shots we want to use for the music video and make sure that the shots we are using make sense and that the video could look as good as it possibly could, with out the effects.


Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

The shoot for the narrative was shot in the Pleinmont bunker, which is an abandoned German bunker – built during the German occupation on Guernsey.The bunker was extremely intriguing, as the bunker was a lot bigger than what me and my group expected it to be. The bunker was full of graffiti, which added more to the mise-en-scene.

Overall the shoot went extremely well we had a high variety of shots, including a lot of mise-en-scene.The shoot was somewhat weird, as it is an open bunker and we were wearing costumes – such as a straight jacket and masks, passing tourists may have been a bit spooked, with the unexpected encounter.We planned to go there mainly because of Janis, because he said that he remembered it to be perfectly suited for our ideas.

During the filming of the masked men, as I was one of them and didn’t have a plain hoodie, I had to wear a super dry hoodie backwards, which meant that in some shots I would have the brand in, and out of the 5/6 shots we took of the masked people  some we would not be able to use as the brand is showing.

The lighting in the the bunker was really good, it has high key lighting even though the only light that comes in is though the small gaps for windows.The lighting suited our genre really well, while we were on the bottom floor of the bunker we needed to use some lighting, as it was the darkest at the bottom.

Overall I think that the shoot went well, we managed to get most of our shots which we planned to get, if not all of the shots.The lighting was really good for an old bunker and while me and Janis were filming Owen was playing the insane person, sometimes me and Janis were acting as the masked men – representing his feeling of being trapped.Me and Janis had to record all of the narrative as Owen filmed the performance alone.