So… I’m ready to make some media!

When I am creating my own magazine there are lots of important design features that I need to consider. I need to think about who my audience are and how I am going to ensure that my magazine appeals to them. This can be done through the use of mise-en-scene, camera angles and page layout.

For example, I can ensure that my music magazine fits in with my intended genre through mise-en-scene. I need to ensure that the costume of my model represents my genre, if I was doing a Pop magazine for example, I would have my model wearing quite revealing clothes to represent the stereotypical female pop star. I would also have to ensure that their body language fits in with the stereotypical pop stars body language, so my model would have to pose quite suggestively. The props I need to use should also represent the genre, for example I could take some photos where my model is holding a microphone.

The layout of my cover will also help me when I am trying to attract my audience to my product. I need to recognise that the use of blank space can sometimes be effective, and I need to remember where my audience is likely to spend the majority of their time looking. The audience is normally drawn to look where the model is looking. I should always ensure that my model seems engaged with the information in my magazine, I could do this by putting the information so that it is slightly overlapping the image of my artist. I could also do this by having the model looking towards the information.


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