Feedback on Draft 1

I have completed my first draft of my cover page which can be seen in the previous post. I have recently got some feedback from Andre (one of my peers) on my draft. He said that:

  • There are some bits of white still noticeable on my model’s hair, these need to be properly photoshopped and edited out of my image.
  • The beginning of my main cover line is quite hard to read due to the gradient used in the bottom left-hand corner of the page, this needs to be removed, moved or made less bold.
  • There is a shadow on my models face which needs to be removed to make her expression clearer.
  • My masthead is very effective, it stands out well over my background and fits in with the genre of my magazine.
  • The part of my main cover line which says ‘Queen of pop’ is too bold and in your face.

I have made some targets on how I could improve my first draft:

  • I need to play around with the photoshop cut-out tools to ensure that there is no white around the edge of my image.
  • I need to reduce the gradient in the bottom-left corner so that it does not make the beginning of my main cover line difficult to read.
  • I need to remove the shadow on my main cover stars face so that her expression is more noticeable and clear.
  • I need to make the second line of my main cover line regular and remove the boldness as it makes the line too in your face and repels the audience.
  • My final target is to make sure that my model looks completely airbrushed and perfect as that fits in with the pop genre

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