2nd Shoot Contact Sheets

The two contact sheets on the first row of images are my shots that worked. They were all clear and images that I could generate a story around. I got 42 good shots of my models, many of these images were of each model separately however; some of my images feature my models together. My props were used effectively and made the images in which they were used improved.

The good images of my models connote mystery and popularity. My images connote gossip and celebrity status which would be big features in a pop music magazine. They are very effective as they fit in with what would be included in a pop magazine.

The two contact sheets on the second row are the images that didn’t work. Many of them were blurry and in a few of them my models were not positioned properly. A couple of the photos are also overexposed in the bad contact sheets.

The bad images which are not blurry do not work for my genre. For some of the images, I couldn’t think of a story to go with them that would fit in with the pop genre of music, for others, I just felt that they didn’t tell a good story.








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