A New Improved Contents Page

This is my second draft of my contents page for my pop music magazine. I took on the advice that I was given wherever I could and this was my end result. I followed the targets that I set as best as I could whilst still sticking to my ‘Lick n’ Stick’ mock-up of what I wanted my contents page to look like.

Since my first draft, I have edited the image of Macy so that her cardigan is a different colour and she is less likely to be identified as the same person as in the image in the left square. I have also changed the numbers that were on my images from an orange colour to white; they fit in with the colour scheme for this page of my magazine now. I have also moved all of my images slightly away from each other so they are only touching corners, no longer feeding into each other.

I received feedback which said that I could turn my photos into Polaroids. I attempted to do this, but it did not look very effective so I put them back to how they were. I also received feedback which asked if i could do something with the line under ‘Contents’, perhaps turn it into a paint strip. I also tried to do this but struggled and could not find the required tool to do this editing.


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