Design Skills 1

I have learnt many different skills since I have been designing my own pop music magazine. The skills that I have learnt are on the programs: Indesign and Photoshop. The skills I have learnt are things like: how to edit the colours of an image on photoshop, how to properly cut out the background of an image, how to change the colour of shapes and writing on Indesign, and adding effects to different shapes on Indesign.

This first screenshot shows how to add a gradient to the background of my contents page. You can alter the slope of your gradient which determines how much light there is on your shape, you can also alter your gradient so that it is linear or radial. For my contents page, I chose to have a radial gradient so that the light comes directly from the centre of the page. I felt that this effect implied that the light shines directly out of my magazine, all of the interesting information and knowledge comes straight from the stars and stories featured within my magazine. This gives off a very positive star image and implies that my stars are the focal point of everything, the light shines around them due to their flawless attitude and excellent nature.

This second screenshot shows how to change the colour of an image in Photoshop. This proved a very useful tool for me as I used two images of the same person on my contents page, using this tool I managed to alter the colour of the cardigan that my model was wearing and made the two images look like they were of different people. To change the colour of something in and image you must first select it using the magic wand tool, then you go to filter, then to Hue/Saturation. In here the box on the right-hand side of the image will appear and this lets you play with different colours and the intensity of these colours.

I can use this feature to represent my genre. If I wanted to dress my model in a pink cardigan to show the typical pop colour, I could use this tool to do that. I could change the colour of the cardigan to white to connote the purity, innocence and free-nature of my star.

This next image shows me changing the colour of the middle column on my contents page. In a previous post I mentioned colour changing of text and shapes as something that I needed to work on in Indesign and I now feel like I am aware of how to do this and can do it quite easily.

Changing the colour of shapes has a very positive impact on genre. You can convey an entire genre using purely your colour scheme. For example, a pink/purple colour scheme or a colour scheme using very bright, eye-catching colours can illustrate the pop genre. In contrast, a colour scheme using purely monochrome/metallic colours can illustrate heavy metal music, and a colour scheme using blacks and reds can represent rock music.

This final screenshot shows that I am able to cut out the background of an image on photoshop. This is a skill that I struggled with when first using Photoshop. I have now learnt how to cut out my model and how to ensure that he/she is cut out with minimal background left in my image.

Cutting out/editing your star can impact their narrative. An image which is obviously highly edited can connote your star as false and plastic, whereas an image which is cut out smoothly and naturally edited will portray a real, flawless image of your star.

These are all of the things that went well whilst drafting my music magazine. My drafts of my magazine could’ve gone even better if I knew how to add in a new background to some images on photoshop. I feel like some of my pages may have looked better with a different background that wasn’t just a colour. However; if I had added in a background to some of my images, my magazine would no longer have a pastel colour scheme.

Overall, my drafts of my music magazine have gone quite well.

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