A new improved double page spread

This is the improved draft of my double page spread. I have taken on the feedback from my initial draft of my double page spread and I created some targets on how to improve my work. My draft 2 has followed all of these targets and it is definitely an improvement on draft 1.

I have added page numbers to the bottom corners of my double page spread and have ensured that the page numbers I used corresponded with my contents page plugs. I have also changed ‘written by…’ to just ‘By…’ as I received feedback which told me that a magazine would not include the word ‘written’. I have also centered my quotes so that they look more like they belong in the article.

I received feedback that I should add a line under my headline to separate it from the bulk of my article. Drop capitals were also added to the first letter of each paragraph as professional magazines always have drop capitals at the start of paragraphs. I added ‘Photography by..’ underneath my images and also got rid of all my hyphens – I made sure all writing was continuous.

I added the same effect to the image on the left-page that the images on the right-page had. I also added my masthead to the top-left corner of my double page spread because I received feedback from my teacher that professional magazines have this feature.

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