Design Skills 2

I have learnt many new design skills over the course of media studies so far, especially whilst designing my music magazine. Some of these new skills include making columns, which fonts/colours suit different genres, how mise-en-scene effects mood/atmosphere, and how the layout of a page will draw attention to different details.

The layout of a product is vital to making a piece of media as effective as possible. For example, the cover of my music magazine has a layout which draws specific attention to my main cover star. I have the image of my main cover star central on my cover page and the image covers most of the page. My main cover line is placed directly over my image of the main cover star to show that it is interacting with my image and my star. I then have the masthead in a very large font at the top of my page with the image of my main cover star slightly overlapping it. This connotes that the title of my magazine comes second to the importance of this star, my magazine would not exist without these stars. I have a pug which also relates to my main cover star and other cover lines on the left-side of my cover. The background of my cover page contrasts with the jumper that my model is wearing. My main cover star’s jumper is an intense mustard colour whereas the background of my cover page is a far less intense mustard shade.


My contents page also has a very effective layout and colour scheme for my genre. There are 4 images on my contents page, relating to 4 of the different plugs shown, which form a diamond shape. The background is pastel pink which symbolises the pop genre as pop music is known for being very bright, pink and sweet. I have 3 columns at the bottom of my contents page showing all of my different plugs for stories in the magazine, two of these columns match the pastel pink colour of my background, whereas one of the columns (the middle column) juxtaposes the two outer columns and is a lilac colour. This is still a very sweet, pastel colour which matches my pop genre.

I have used a font that looks quite bubble-like, yet still neat for my masthead, main cover line, headline and ‘Contents’. This font is sans-serif like most magazines will use for their main cover line as it is generally an easier form of font to read.

As I have mentioned many times before, mise-en-scene definitely helps to set a genre. The outfits in all images that I have used on all three draft pages have been carefully planned out by both me and my models so that they suit my genre’s. My main cover star image shows the typical girl-next-door pop-star, the other images on my contents page show a mix of girl-next-door, ordinary pop-stars and stereotypical pop-stars.

I feel like the drafts of my music magazine have overall gone well, they could have been improved through experimenting more with Indesign and Photoshop. I feel that if I had tried to add a background to some of my images instead of just cutting them out, my magazine may have looked more effective. I also feel like the background of my double-page spread could have been improved, possibly through the use of texture shots or patterns. I feel like if I had been more creative and added some little patterns onto all three of my draft pages, they may have fitted in more with the pop genre which is all about fun and creativity.

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