Draft 4 Feedback and Targets

I have got some feedback from my teacher about my drafts of my music magazine. Embedded in this post is a Screencastify which shows exactly what feedback my teacher gave me.

The main points of my feedback are as follows:

  • I like the masthead – complete captions and insets
  • Too much writing in the pug – ‘Here Without’ should be in different font if it is the title.
  • Too much writing in white on cover, add in some more colours – some headlines are too beauty/fashion
  • Rotate barcode
  • Edit photoshop around main cover stars hair.
  • Feel of magazine works – colour palette works.
  • Add captions onto insets
  • Too much white writing and headlines can be made catchier – shorter & snappier.
  • ¬†Inconsistent line spacing on contents
  • Add Playback logo to contents page to brand it – possibly add an editorial.
  • ¬†Columns are different widths on double page spread – either have 3 columns or 2 columns on each page.
  • ‘Bekah Stone’ in a different colour. Maybe italicize rest of headline as it is a quote (Double page spread).
  • Good drop capitals.
  • Photos could have captions on them (Double page spread)
  • Backgrounds are nicely gradiated but you could use texture shots with the pastel colours over the top to make the backgrounds more detailed and interesting – Use texture shot and make it very transparent with colour in the background as the backgrounds are a bit flat.
  • Could add some bevel and emboss or drop-shadow onto masthead

After receiving this feedback through the below Screencastify, I have made some targets on how to improve my draft pages:

  • Create more detailed backgrounds – more textured backgrounds (use texture shots and make them transparent with a pastel colour in the background).
  • Rotate the barcode on my front cover.
  • Make headlines on front cover/contents catchier – shorter & alliteration.
  • Add captions to insets.
  • Make cover lines more appropriate to music and less about fashion/beauty.
  • Change pug – less writing and change font of ‘Here Without’.
  • Edit Photoshop around main cover star’s hair.
  • Make the line spacing consistent on contents columns.
  • Add ‘Playback’ logo to contents page (brand it).
  • Italicize headline on double page spread – all writing after ‘Bekah Stone’ as it is a quote from her.

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