Feedback & Reflection on Draft 3

I have got some feedback on my first draft of my double page spread. My feedback was given to me by Mrs. Cobb and Kirsten.

  • I like the photos and the effects around the photos.
  • I like the colour contrast (the orange against the blue).
  • Centre your quotes from your star.
  • Do not write ‘Written by’, just write “by…”
  • Include page numbers.
  • Add a line under your headline to separate that from the story.
  • Add a drop capital to the start of each paragraph.
  • Add “Photography by…”
  • Add the same effect to the image on the left as the images on the right.
  • Get rid of hyphens to continue words (make sure words end of the line they begin on).
  • Add the logo of your magazine to the top-left corner of the double page spread – most magazines will have this.

From this feedback that I have received, I have created some targets for my re-draft of my double page spread:

  • Centre my quotes.
  • Change “Written by Eleanor Hughes” to “By Eleanor Hughes”.
  • Add page numbers to the bottom corners of the page.
  • Add a line under the Headline.
  • Add drop capitals to the start of paragraphs.
  • Include “Photography by” with my images.
  • Add an effect to the image on the left (same effect as the images on the right have).
  • Get rid of hyphens (Make sure all words continue on the one line).
  • Add the magazine logo to the top-left corner of the double page.

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