So… How is it going?

I think that the designing of my music magazine is going well. The images that I have created and used on my pages reflect my genre of music through mise-en-scene. For example, my genre is pop music and this is clearly implied through the costume and make-up of my models; my main cover star had bold eye make-up with an understated, girl-next-door costume. Many pop-stars have a sweet girl-next-door image with their fans and this is the feeling that I was aiming for with my main cover star. My insets also demonstrate the genre of my magazine. There are lots of celebrity gossip stories which is a key part of the pop genre, there are also lots of article advertised around new artists.

My brand also reflects my genre and the image that I was aiming for with my Pop music magazine. Each page of my magazine has a pastel coloured background because the pop genre is known for being sweet, fun and bright, which pastel colours represent. This background theme has been consistent throughout my designing process and has created a strong brand image for my magazine. My headline fonts throughout my pages are very bubble-like, connoting sweetness and creativity, themes typically covered throughout pop music.

On my contents page, I have laid out my images in a diamond shape as it is a shape that is commonly associated with princesses – female pop singers are often referred to as ‘pop princesses’. A diamond is also referred to as ‘a girls best friend’ in the well-known phrase and it is typically girls who enjoy pop music. Therefore, even the layout of my images on my pages are connoting the genre of my magazine and solidifying my brand image.

In conclusion, the ‘Playback’ brand image has been very strongly created and associated with pop music as I intended. The pastel colour theme has been continuous and it has proven a very effective way of making my pop magazine unique so far.

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