Teacher feedback and final targets

This is the feedback that I have received from my teacher on my penultimate draft of my music magazine. My feedback was mainly positive but there are several targets which I have been given on how to improve my drafts:

Front Page:

  • Bring the date down and maybe change it to “March 2018” instead of the exact date in numbers.
  • Maybe add drop-shadow or inner-shadow to the “Playback” masthead to make it stand out more.
  • You should add more colour to the pug – maybe make “Here Without” red.
  • Add a price.
  • Change “Queen of Pop” – maybe in a different colour to make it stand out more.
  • “Weekly top 20” instead of “Playback’s weekly top 20”
  • Change the insert’s caption to focus it more around music.
  • Get rid of the word “inside” before the insert caption.
  • “Exclusive: Inside a Grammy party”.
  • Possibly add another insert if you have enough room.
  • Add a border to the insert on the front cover.

Contents Page:

  • Capital letter for “Wrong Love”
  • Capital letter for “Grammy”
  • “Festival Fashion” – more focus on music.
  • “Beauty Hacks” – focus around music not beauty (change this cover line)

Double Page Spread:

  • White lines separating columns are a bit close to the text – make them thinner or more spaced out.
  • Add more interesting backgrounds to the images on the DPS

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