I feel that these adverts are suitable for the pop genre. They both use very bright, pastel colours which are highly applicable to the pop genre. Both ads use the colour pink which is a shade highly associated with pop. 

Katy Perry is a typical pop singer so I feel that it is appropriate for her tour to be one of my advertisements. Givenchy ‘Live Irresistible’ is a perfume with a very sweet, floral scent; this relates to the pop genre because it is known for being very sweet and a symbol of innocence and creativity which flowers also represent. 

The Mise-en-Scene in both adverts relates to my genre. In the Givenchy advert, the star looks provocative and is holding the pop by her mouth. She also has very bold make-up yet is wearing a white dress which represents innocence, peace and purity. In the Katy Perry tour advert, the star appears very edited. She appears flawless and has very over-the-top, bright make-up. This is a key feature of the pop genre.

My audience will be interested in these advertisements as my audience is 18-24 year old females. They are interested in pop music, so Katy Perry – a pop singer who they have been shown to like in my YouGov research – will be a very effective advertisement. Young females are often interested in perfume and scents, therefore a sweet, floral perfume advert will also be effective.

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