Production Meeting Agenda for Narrative Shoot

The embedded document shows my group’s production meeting agenda regarding our narrative shoot. This document lists our locations, dates, who is involved and what we will be needing. This means the document is of vital importance to ensure that no props, costume and/or make-up is forgotten on the day.

Production meeting agenda’s help to keep us well-informed as organisers, and well prepared as filmers. If we did not make this document, some key elements of the costume required for our narrative may have been lost/forgotten on the day of the shoot. This would result in an ineffective shoot that wouldn’t meet our needs. If we were to forget things, leading to a bad shoot, we would have to rearrange another time with our actors and that would lead to even more planning and heightened levels of stress on my group.

Production meeting agenda’s make planning far simpler and clearer and they also specify to us and our actors where we need to be, what we need to bring and when we need to be there. They can minimise the risk of anything going wrong on the day of our shoot.

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