Shoot Evaluation (Narrative)

Our narrative for the music video was filmed in two shoots. The first shoot was where we shot all of the group footage with the 3 actors and for the second shoot we had only our main star and we shot all of the footage that shows her getting ready to go out. Both shoots went very well and we got lots of good footage from each of them.

We will need to do a third shoot to produce some pick-up shots to draw more attention to the facial expressions of our actors and to produce some match-on-action shots. We may also need to do another re-shoot to gain more abstract shots of the dress from our performance shoot flowing through the camera frame.

Some positives from our narrative shoot:

  • All props & costume required were bought.
  • We got the majority of the footage needed and only need to re-shoot a couple of shots.
  • Everything went according to our production meeting agenda and everything ran according to the time set aside for it – we got all of what we needed done in our arranged time frame.
  • My group produced a variety of shot distances and angles for each section of our narrative – we have a large range of footage to choose from and can decide what angles/distances look the best for each shot.


Targets for improvement on our next shoot:

  • Get more close-up shots to show detail in facial expressions & to create match-on-action shots – can build up tension/drama/emotion.
  • Shoot more abstract shots – EG: Dress fabric flowing through the frame or a stack of rocks being knocked down.
  • Close-up lip-syncing shot to be re-shot.
  • Re-shoot close-up lipstick smudging shot (not in mirror).

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