Audience Ideologies

The task to understand audience ideologies was to create a dating profile for a member of society who would watch my music video. We used YouGov to research what area of the UK a typical member of my genre’s audience would live around and what sort of things he/she would be interested in. YouGov provides demographic information (gender, age, location, political views) and it also provides an entertainment category which provides us with information on what TV, music and films our genre’s typical audience would watch/listen to.

The profile that we have created details a typical audience member of the indie-pop genre of music. She is 19 years old, listens to Lana Del Rey music and is a freedom/independence seeker. The demographics category on YouGov also told us that our typical audience members would live in the East London area and so this is where our character lives.

It is important for us to recognise who our audience is so that we understand what special features to include in our music video which will appeal to this target audience. Our audience will understand and relate to the encoded content in our music video and if we mould and manipulate our video to appeal specifically to our target audience, they will like it.

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