Music video draft 2 includes narrative

This is draft 2 of my groups music video.

Draft 2 differs from draft 1 as it includes the narrative section of our video. In draft 2 we have also lip-synced the song and added in the audio which has changed since draft 1. This is the first draft which looks how an actual music video would. Our draft 2 is 50:50 performance:narrative, it is an equal split and it works effectively for our genre.

Targets for improvement for draft 3:

  • More match-on-action shots – Example: putting on lipstick – in mirror, on our star, back to in the mirror.
  • More close-up performance shots.
  • Cut to close-ups more often to show more discomfort/anxiety in my stars facial expressions.
  • Get some close-ups of the Polaroids being ripped off the mirror.
  • Shoot more abstract shots – stack of rocks being knocked down/hand hitting sand into the air.

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