Music Video Draft 3

This is the 3rd draft of our music video. Since our 2nd draft we have taken on the feedback that our teacher has given us.

Below is a screenshot of the feedback that our peers have given us on our draft 3. It was important to gain this feedback on our draft 3 because it gives us an insight into what other people think of our video instead of only changing elements of the video due to what my group likes/dislikes.

Since receiving this feedback from our peers my group has come up with the following targets:

  • Some shots are slightly out of focus – possibly try to re-shoot these
  • Lip syncing is slightly out on some shots – try to correct this
  • Add more post production – possibly some extra lens flares, possibly some colour correction filters to add more of a cold tone to the video
  • Use more of a variety of shots
  • Some performance shots seem a bit awkward – close-up shots appear stronger in terms of this.

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